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The following section is hearsay and constitutes an opinion:

"Some residents of Wellington see Masterton as backward and inconsequential, and sometimes rather unkindly refer to it as masturbation."

It also appears not conform to the Wikipedia:Verifiability guidelines. Please see the "Verifiablity, Not Truth" section of that page. If a verifiable source for this statement can be named, it should be added. In the absence of a verifiable source, this statement should be removed.

No doubt some residents of Wellington hold this opinion, but this would be only one of a spectrum of opinions and names. It also makes no sense to have "toned it down" from the previous edit "masturbation over the hill".

The same argument applies to:

"A road tunnel has been proposed in the past but it would be a huge project, and there are fears that this would remove the separation of the valley from Wellington and make it more like a suburb."

A verifiable source should be included for the size of the project and for the reasons for doing it/not doing it, if one can be found. If not, then the opinion should be removed. The best source I have found for this information is the Greater Wellington Regional Council "Wairarapa Corridor Plan" from December 2003, which has no mention whatsoever of a road tunnel.–

A better edit would probably be:

"As of the latest transportation plan from the Greater Wellington Regional Council(1), the road link is to be improved with upgrades to the existing Rimutaka Hill road and the addition of passing lanes between Featherston and Masterton."


It would be good to find verifiable sources for the other facts in the article, specifically:

  • the Masterton population (most likely from the Statistics NZ Census information)
  • source for the fact that the city status requirement was lifted in 1989 from 20,000 to 50,000
  • sources for the founder and the dates specified

22:59, 3 September 2005 (UTC)

<13 July 2006 TFS> - The original plan for the tunnel was proposed by the United States in order to be able to access the Prisoner of War camp at Featherston. My home town in Masterton and I have never ever heard the references above - even after living in Wellington for over 10 years.


I have changed this article to reflect that Masterton is in the Wellington region. It has always been in the Wellington region. The Wairarapa is not governed by a body specific to the Wairarapa, and the article should reflect that the Wairarapa is only a geographical location and not a local government or regional government area. Enzedbrit 11:05, 14 January 2007 (UTC)

I disagree. Although it belongs to the Greater Wellington Regional Council, Wairarapa is made up of a number local government areas( Masterton District Council, Carterton District Council, South Wairarapa District Council.) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 04:07, 4 August 2009 (UTC)