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Should small cylindrical lenses be included in this topic?[edit]

In keeping with what appears to be standard usage, the lead describes, by inference at least (e.g., "microlenses with non-circular apertures"), lenses with an approximately spherical curvature or the gradient-refractive-index equivalent. However, the "Applications" section includes references to cylindrical lens arrays (so-called "lenticular lenses") and their predecessor, the parallax barrier. IMO, this veers off topic and muddies the waters; only fly's-eye-lens arrays and the like ought to be included here. Is there any consensus of high-quality sources as to whether cylindrical lenses (in their most elementary form, simply a thread or rod of some transparent material) should or should not come under this heading? AVarchaeologist (talk) 04:39, 12 August 2011 (UTC)