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NW Indian ocean is not near Indonesia.

Review - Under "Effect", there is reference of a research vessel that has little to no description and is lacking in citation. Also, it's location in the paragraph is confusing. Could it be moved elsewhere? Secondly, in the second paragraph of "Effect", there are multiple grammatical mistakes and unnecessary capitalization of words. It might be best to break this section down into "Effect" as well as a secondary segment for sightings, rather than leaving these interspersed throughout the page. Woollyworm (talk) 17:39, 14 January 2017 (UTC)

Hello! This article is a very interesting topic. A couple of editing suggestions: I noticed that the introduction does not contain citations. Also, some of the tags to other pages seem a bit unnecessary, such as hyperlinking "ocean." In the section titles "Effect," consider revising the title, as it is a bit vague. Also, under the same section, the sentence starting with "In 2015, July..." is a bit confusing. Consider rewording or changing the order of words to make the sentence have better flow. I am also confused by the section titles "Notes." Consider making this section more reader friendly. HappyForestCreature (talk) 17:32, 2 April 2017 (UTC)