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About About WikiProject Microbiology

This Wikiproject aims to better organize information in articles related to microbiology on Wikipedia.

If you would like to help, feel free to add yourself to the list of participants, or have a look at How you can help section below. You don't need to know anything about microbiology to help!


This project aims to cover all areas of microbiology including: bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, viruses, famous microbiologists, microbiological methods and concepts, microbiology equipment, microscopy, and other microbiology-related topics.

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Improve articles

  • We have almost 6,000 articles listed as "stubs", pick your favorite and start adding more info!
  • Over 20% of all Microbiology articles are tagged with some concern! These mark areas for improvement. Feel free to post on the talk page if you need a hand!
  • Improve articles to GA!
  • Check new articles added to our project!

Start new articles

  • Pick your favorite protein/microbe/microbiology-related thing and start a new article! If you need a hand, post on the talk page!


Improve the project itself

  • Assist in public relations and outreach by recruiting editors interested in microbiology to contribute to Wikipedia. A bot-generated list of users active on microbiology pages is here!

Categorise microbiology related articles

  • Label articles of interest to the project by putting the banner template on the talk pages of all articles of interest to microbiology.
  • Categorise articles by adding them to the appropriate microbiology categories as shown to right.

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Project banner

The project banner is {{WikiProject Microbiology}}, and should be placed on the talk page of all articles that are within the scope of this WikiProject. Please see the template page for usage instructions.

WikiProject Microbiology (Rated Project-class)
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To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

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