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Non-English language awards The basic rule is that the names of foreign-language awards should be translated into English except where there is an established track-record of referring to it by its foreign-language name. Therefore we use Iron Cross in favour of "Eiserne Kreuz", Pour le Mérite in favour of "For the Merit" or "Merit Award", and Param Vir Chakra in favour of "Bravest of the Brave Award". This effectively means that the article will reside at the customary English-language name. Having said this, editors are encouraged to create redirects for all reasonable permutations and variations on the name, whether in English or in the native language.

There is no such record of referring to this award by its French name, the title was thus translated into English and should remain as such. Fdutil (talk) 17:36, 5 October 2013 (UTC)