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Early comments[edit]

lkcl 22sep2006 the redirection is incorrect. NBNS is not equal to NBS.

NBNS, according to the rfc 1001 and 1002, stands for 'NetBIOS Naming Service'.

NBT - known as NetBIOS over TCP (actually it's NetBIOS over both UDP and TCP so what the hell the acronym is misleading people for i _really_ don't know *sigh*) - cannot therefore be the same as NBNS.

>> NBT is NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and TCP/IP is the common name for the Internet Protcol Suite of which UDP is included.

could someone please explain how to 'unredirect'?

NBNS is one of the protocols in NBT (just as NBDS and NBSS are), which is, I presume, why the redirection was done. Redirections aren't only used when title A refers to the same thing as title B; as Wikipedia:Redirect#What_do_we_use_redirects_for.3F notes, it's also used for "Sub-topics or closely related topics that should be explained within the text", although that indicates that the page should explain the NetBIOS Naming Service (which it does to some degree), and probably that it should note that it's called "NBSS" (which it currently doesn't do).
The Wikipedia:Redirect page also says:
Sub-topic redirects are often temporary, eventually being replaced by fully fledged articles on the sub-topic in question. Be conservative when creating sub-topic redirects — they can sometimes be counter-productive, because they disguise the absence of a proper article from editors. Sub-topic redirects should only be used where the main article has a section on the sub-topic. For example, denial of service has a section on distributed denial of service. Sub-topics should be boldfaced on their first appearance in the section, to indicate that they are in fact alternate titles or sub-titles.
Note that "Sub-topic redirects" goes to a page for a template that they suggest be used for sub-topic redirects. Guy Harris 16:53, 22 September 2006 (UTC)

guy - thanks: i asked richard jones he explained how to unredirect - your explanation much appreciated. i created a stub which explains what NBNS stands for, and provided a link for people to click through to NBT where there is a fuller explanation.

the risk of having NBNS redirect directly through to NBT is that people will believe that somehow NBNS _is_ NBT - totally wrong. it's bad enough people thinking that the SMB protocol is NETBEUI or maybe NetBIOS or err maybe it's a duck no a fish err... Lkcl 01:27, 23 September 2006 (UTC)

NBNS now redirects to NetBIOS over TCP/IP#Name service, which is what should be the case. Guy Harris (talk) 10:06, 20 September 2016 (UTC)