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Does anyone have a discussion somewhere of why this article was changed to only represent one version of the 200SX. I see tidbits here, but nowhere do I see anyone deciding to finally do it. --Xano —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:16, 12 June 2010 (UTC)

Link or expansion needed for RWD, and the article needs Date context. Are we talking 2004 or 199f or 1984? --Tagishsimon 13:56, 14 Mar 2004 (UTC)
I think the information on Nissan 200SX should be moved to Nissan Silvia. Nissan 200SX, Nissan 180SX, Nissan Gazelle and all other naming variants should redirect to Nissan Silvia.
The information is much too confusing right now. eg. "Generally powered by a 1.8/2 Litre turbo-charged straight four engine and based on a Nissan Silvia Chassis". Except, the 240SX was based on a Pulsar and had a 2.4Lt naturally aspirated engine.
This article should be broken down into regions: Japan, USA, Europe, Australia. AND/OR broken down into series: S10-S15.
Agreed with Tagishsimon about date context. Microsnot 04:04, 13 Sep 2004 (UTC)
The B14 200sx 1995-1998 should not be moved to silvia . If anything it should be moved to sentra. Nismonx (talk) 00:00, 20 March 2008 (UTC)
I don't think the situation is simple enough to redirect "Nissan 200sx" to "Nissan Silvia." The two models had quite a few dissimilarities in both mechanicals, market positioning, and consumer perception in the respective countries in which they were marketed, that to simply call the 200sx a variant of the Silvia is an oversimplification.
However, it is true the Silvia and the 240sx had more in common than in difference. No offense, Microsnot, but your statement is incorrect about the 240sx and the Pulsar--the car marketed in the United States as the Nissan 240sx did in fact share the S13 (from 1989 through 1993) and S14 (from 1994 through 1998, the last year the 240sx was marketed in the U.S.) chassis with the Nissan Silvia. However, the 240sx in America was fitted with the KA24E (2.4l, SOHC motor with a specific output of ~120hp) in the S13 and the KA24DE (2.4l, DOHC motor with a specific output of ~160hp) in the S14. The KA engine series, while not a bad motor (it was DOHC and had an aluminum head mated to an iron block, plus another 0.4 liters displacement over the SR20, which makes it a fairly stout motor for after-market turbocharging), had a reputation as a "truck engine" since it redlined at a comparatively low RPM and was tuned for low-RPM torque at the expense (and further because the KA was also the motor used in the Nissan pickup truck). We in the U.S. could never figure out why Nissan refused to sell the Silvia with the turbocharged SR20DET here.
The Pulsar was sold as the Pulsar in the U.S. in the 1980's, although the "Pulsar" name was discontinued by the 1990's in the U.S. (I am not entirely sure, but the Pulsar chassis may have been marketed as the "Nissan NX2000" with an SR20DE (2.0l, DOHC) and the "Nissan NX1600" with a GA16DE (1.6l, DOHC) motor here in the States until around 1994). --Ryanaxp 21:34, Sep 15, 2004 (UTC)
Sorry, may have confused the American models somewhat. That's why I didn't write anything about it in the actual article :) When I think Sentra, I think Pulsar. Obviously this is false. Was the American 200SX with KA engine RWD? Don't get started on the merits for various engines...because we all know that a CA.. ;P When all is said and done...someone already moved the information into Nissan Silvia. Also, you forget a Nissan 200SX is the real deal in Europe and Australia. If you want to disambiguify (sp) it then it should be Nissan 200SX (USA). Which is good because aluminium, litre and crazy things such as kW can be used in the Nissan 200SX and Nissan Silvia pages :) So anything that's an S series, be it S12 (Gazelle), S13 (180SX, 200SX, 240SX, Sil-Eighty), S14 (200SX, 240SX), S15 (200SX) should be redirected to Nissan Silvia. This will keep things consistent. Microsnot 01:13, 16 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Still needs help[edit]

It looks like I cleaned this up a month or so ago, but now that I've run across it again, it's still confusing. Can someone who actually knows what applies to what sort this out? It seems like half of the text is redundant, but I'm pretty much lost. Thanks. --Milkmandan 08:28, 2005 Feb 25 (UTC)

I think the whole lot needs consolidation. Nissan Silvia, 180sx, 200sx, 240sx. To my mind, there should be a single article detailing the full range of S platform vehicles. Especially when you look at something like the 200sx, which can refer to a pre-S13 vehicle in the US, a CA18DET powered lift-back in Europe and NZ (on the S13 chassis), or an S14 or S15 in other regions. A Europe 200sx S13 is nearly identical to an early Japanese 180sx S13. It just goes on and on. I think the information presented in the Nissan_S_platform article is a good start. Perhaps this article should be built upon to consolidate the information in the Silvia, 180sx, 200sx and 240sx articles? --Snixtor 01:17, 14 September 2006 (UTC)
There's too much information for one article. There is a certain amount of redundancy between them (generations and facelifts occur simultaneously) but quite a bit that's not. User:Oni Ookami Alfador and myself basically set the plan for this series of articles. This article needs the most help - though honestly it would be most improved by adding some better information about the B14 200SX to the Nissan Sentra article, and writing a Nissan Lucino article to cover its JDM equivalent. That would off-load some of the "oddball" 200SX confusion and bring the article more in line with the other S platform articles. — AKADriver 13:52, 14 September 2006 (UTC)
I don't think it's too much information for one article. There's nothing that defines that a single article can't exceed a set length. Consider the length of the Nissan Skyline article, which would come close to exceeding the total length of the Silvia, 180sx, 200sx and 240sx articles before any redundant information is removed from any of them. Considering that a lot of 200sx's sold (Europe, Aus, NZ) are only very slightly modified versions of the Japanese S14 and S15 Silvia, wouldn't it make sense for their to be one article, seeing as they're essentially the same vehicle? In these cases it's really only a marketing matter that they're called 200sx and not Silvia. Perhaps the opinion of these vehicles differing stems from a Northern vs Southern hemisphere viewpoint. As an Australian, and as I know, to a large number of other Australian SX enthusiasts, they are all Silvia's. I'll grant that some exception needs to be made for the Sentra based US 200sx though. Perhaps each article could stay, but direct to a consolidated Silvia article where relevant? I'd be willing to produce a draft of such an article to gather opinions. --Snixtor 22:33, 14 September 2006 (UTC)

Misleading image[edit]

I think the image featured for the 200SX is misleading. it more resembles that of the nissan sentra. i just think there are a lot of other pictures out there that would best represent the 200SX model. my brother has a 1999 Australian spec S14a. The part in the article which says "the last year of production of the S14 in all countries was 1998" is incorrect, as my brothers was manufactured in 1999 for the Australian market. 07:21, 14 August 2007 (UTC)


Someone editing this page is writing garbage.

"S110 Each of these engines were based on the L-series motors powering the successful Z-car production, minus two cylinders. Hence the "Z" digit present in each engine code and in the Nissan Anti-Pollution System (NAPS-Z) acronym." The L series was always a 4 or 6 and was a Prince engine based on a Mercedes design, the S10 had 4 cylinder L18 or L20 and there wasn't "-Z" on it's designation. The Z didn't mean "cut down". NAPS-Z engine was L block with SOHC cross flow head. The "Z" was symbolized the cross flow, flow in on one side, across head and out the other side. Previous L engines had valves in line and exhaust and inlet on same side.

"S12 The CA18DET's DOHC head design was also later utilized in the "RB" engine series, the inline six engine that powered the famous R32, R33, and R34 Skylines." Hardly possible as CA18DET wasn't introduced until 1987, while the RB20DE was produced in 1986.

AND "Europe the "FJ" engine series was originally designed for the 240RS rallycar as a 2.4L carbureted system (FJ24), and was under-bored to 2.0L." Dates don't tally. The FJ was FIRST released as the FJ20E in the DR30 in 1981. FJ24 240RS didn't debut until 1983 WRC season, before that NISSAN were using Violet GT as rally car and that had twincam LZ engine. Skyshack (talk) 01:43, 6 December 2009 (UTC)


It's vandalism. Congratulations to the USA editor that has done this. Can the perpetrator please now go fix all the other Wiki entries that link to this broken page and not the intended WORLD MARKET 200SX. The USA had 3 other 200SX - S10, S110 and S12 before the B14 Sentra 200SX. Nissan Gazelle. Skyshack (talk) 23:01, 6 November 2011 (UTC)

Lucino vs. Silvia[edit]

Regushee, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please stop trying to rename this the Nissan Lucino.

I am aware a very similar car exists with that name, but as you can plainly see at the top of this page this entry is on the North American Nissan 200SX. This is the name the car was marketed, sold, and remembered as here in North America. The name "Lucino" holds no meaning in reference to the car that was sold here in North America.

Please create your own page, with your own data, materials and photos that reference that car that was sold in it's respective market (Mexico & Japan, possibly elsewhere). Please stop copy/pasting the data here and using it as data on the Lucino. That is not accurate data for that car. Yes, the two cars were quite similar, but different enough that they are not the same car. The vehicles need separate pages with separate data sets.

I have a lot of info on this car (user manuals, brochures for all four year models, magazine articles, a packet of info from Nissan) that I plan to scan in the near future. I owned a 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R as my first brand new car and I promise you I never even heard the word "Lucino" the entire time I owned it.

Thank you for your cooperation. — Preceding unsigned comment added by KyleFN (talkcontribs) 11:13, 16 May 2014 (UTC)