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GA Review[edit]

This review is transcluded from Talk:Pennsylvania Route 287/GA1. The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the review.


  1. "in Lawrenceville in Tioga County": change "in" after Lawrenceville to comma.
  2. In the lead, you use "works it way" twice. Can one instance be changed?
  3. "a numerous set of plank roads" sounds awkward.
  4. Many of the bolded terms in the lead do not redirect to the article. Therefore, they should be unbolded.
  5. In the sentence "The southern plank road, known as the Larrys Creek Plank Road, dates back to 1850 as a plank road from Larrys Creek to Salladasburg, and was completely gone by 1900.", "plank road" is used three times. Can mpre variety in wording be used?
  6. "postal mail routes"? sounds awkward.
  7. The sentences "The route was extended from Tioga to Lawrenceville in 2008, when the construction of U.S. Route 15 was finished to the New York state line. Route 287 was extended to Route 49." should be combined.
  8. The sentence "The stagecoach lines started working along the three-day process for about ten years, when the nearby Tioga and Wellsboro Plank Road was completed, which made stagecoaches run daily, with numerous competition until 1872, when the Lawrenceville and Wellsboro Railroad was completed." is wordy and needs to be split into two.
  9. The sentence "At that time, the stagecoaching has ceased." sounds awkward.
  10. The comma after 1800s in the sentence "The road was first considered during the early 1800s, James Williamson, a strong local entrepenuer lived in these areas and it is assumed that the road builders in this area of Lycoming County were in favor of his suggestions." should be changed to a semicolon.
  11. Comma should be placed after "May 8, 1850".
  12. The sentence "Williamson himself was awarded the job as contractor, and in 1850, using full advantage of woodsmen who were unemployed, low wages, and wasted hemlock log trees." sounds awkward.
  13. The sentence "Transport are used for bark and hides, hauling leather over to the Larrys Creek Railroad." also sounds awkward.
  14. "At the point of 1900" sounds awkward.
  15. "closed its doors for good" sounds colliqual.
  16. Morris Township, Pennsylvania needs to be disambiguated.
  17. "Legislative Route 22121"? I don't think there was a LR 22121.
  18. "This remained in place for only two years, and when the Pennsylvania Department of Highways redesignated highways across the entire commonwealth." is a sentence fragment.
  19. Add "respectively" to end of the sentence "The routes were decommissioned in 1955,[16] 1946,[17] and 1941."
  20. "brand new" sounds colliqual.
  21. What are the rural areas west of Williamsport like?
  22. "residential houses" sounds wordy.
  23. "following the route into residential homes and a large factory": I doubt the route runs through the homes and factory.
  24. Mifflin Township, Pennsylvania needs to be disambiguated.
  25. "Route 287 winds around curves" sounds wordy.
  26. Pine Township, Pennsylvania needs to be disambiguated.
  27. In sentence "The highway continues along this right-of-way through, passing a large factory before entering the community of Mount Pleasant.", remove the word "through".
  28. Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania links to an unrealted community in Westmoreland County.
  29. The sentence "At an intersection with Mount Pleasant Road, Route 287 turns to the northeast, bending around deep forests, crossing Hurney Hill Road, which is where the highway turns to the northwest." sounds awkward.
  30. "working its way through the residential homes in Hoytville" sounds awkward.
  31. Rephrase sentence "A short distance later, the highways enter the highly developed area in Hoytville, entering the community of Morris Township." to say " A short distance later, the highways enter the highly developed area in Hoytville in Morris Township."
  32. "Route 287 and Route 6 leaves Wellsboro", "leaves" should be singular.
  33. The sentence "The highway passes a large pond, with the highway passing a few residential homes." sounds awkward.
  34. You overuse "community" in the route description. Can some synonyms be used?
  35. Rephrase sentence "The route becomes three lanes wide, reaching a large field, where the highway expands." to say "The route widens to three lanes where it passes a large field."
  36. "moderately develop part" should be "moderately developed part".
  37. The sentence "The route heads northward, entering Beeman, passing a local business center." sounds choppy.
  38. The sentence "The route heads to the northwest along the Tioga River, the highway crosses another railroad, and soon over the river." sounds awkward.
  39. Make sure to disambiguate place names in Major intersections table.
  40. Are the road names known in the Major intersections table?

I am placing the article on hold. Dough4872 (talk) 15:42, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

Done all but #22, which I don't particularly agree with.Mitch/HC32 21:54, 26 July 2009 (UTC)
I will pass the article. Dough4872 (talk) 16:32, 27 July 2009 (UTC)