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GA Review[edit]

This review is transcluded from Talk:Pluteus nevadensis/GA1. The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the review.

Reviewer: J Milburn (talk · contribs) 10:32, 27 August 2012 (UTC)

Hope you don't mind me snapping up your articles- they tend to go quickly. Happy to step back for a time if you'd prefer. Review to follow soon... J Milburn (talk) 10:32, 27 August 2012 (UTC)

I'm grateful to anybody takes the time to read and review these articles on obscure fungi! Sasata (talk) 17:58, 28 August 2012 (UTC)
  • "a orange- or scarlet-colored cap" an?
  • "cub-shaped" Club-shaped, presumably?
  • "the fungus belongs in the section Celluloderma." Perhaps a list of other species in the section? That's not included in the species article, and could be useful information to help situate it.
  • specific epithet is a dablink
  • "cub-shaped" Club-shaped, presumably?
  • "Sometimes white-yellowish flesh is underneath the cuticle." Odd- perhaps "Sometimes there is white-yellowish flesh underneath the cuticle." or "Sometimes white-yellowish flesh can be found underneath the cuticle."?
  • "covered with cottony whitish mycelium." Mycelia is the plural?
  • "with short or elongated neck" a short, or elongated necks.
  • "sphaeropedunculate" and "pedicel" go undefined
  • The former is defined in the taxonomy section; the latter I've glossed and added a wikt link. Sasata (talk) 17:58, 28 August 2012 (UTC)
  • I feel some pictures would add visual interest to the page- have you tried contacting the authors? Perhaps a few emails could get a picture of Pluteus aurantiorugosus at least? As it's known from a very limited area, perhaps a map would be an option?
  • I will try sending some emails. Until then, I made a range map. Sasata (talk) 17:58, 28 August 2012 (UTC)

The sources seem appropriate and correctly formatted. I'll have a double check of some of the sources if I'm able to access them (my access to materials is limited at the moment, as my library is unable to determine whether I'm an undergraduate, postgraduate or alumni...) but, for now, this is looking about ready. J Milburn (talk) 10:56, 27 August 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for another review JM. The points I haven't responded to have been fixed; will add another pic later if I'm successful with emails... Sasata (talk) 17:58, 28 August 2012 (UTC)
Ok, I'm happy to promote at this time- I've not been able to look closely at the sources, but I am happy to accept them in good faith. Good luck with the picture hunting! J Milburn (talk) 18:51, 28 August 2012 (UTC)