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Invitation to Stoics[edit]

If anyone coming to this page has an interest in particular Stoic philosophers, I think this article could benefit from a subheaded section on how the concept of pneuma works in the thought of individual Stoic practitioners and how it evolves chronologically in the long history of Stoicism. I created the article because a search for "pneuma" led me to an article on Christian pneumatology, and I was surprised the ancient concept was so poorly represented. But while the articles I contribute deal mainly with antiquity, my interests tend more toward philology, politics, medicine, and religion; I don't trust myself on philosophy. So I encourage those of you with competence to help. (And I confess I was impudent enough to add Pneuma to the Concepts included on the Stoic Template, to attract the attention of those who might be able to help.) Cynwolfe (talk) 14:12, 19 August 2008 (UTC)

Moved to talk[edit]

{otheruses|Pneuma (disambiguation)}}

− ( I will not erase anyone else work they can write what they want. Pneuma is correctly translated to English as Spirit. It is not mysterious it very simply means invisible power.

− Jim Beam is a spirit and so is the gas in your car a spirit as is the power derived by an air compressor spirit-pneumatics. it does not refer to the air, blow, breath or wind or to the compression of the air nor any other associated word it simply refers to the invisible power available, it is NOT "breath of life," it is NOT a mixture of the elements air in motion.

− Alcohol shows no outward signs of power but as soon as you get it in your blood stream you will feel the Spirit or invisible power.

− − People love to turn the word Spirit it to a complicated mystical understanding that can't be tied down and it's so unnecessary. When you remove the self appointed religious leaders who apply different meanings to serve their purpose it then becomes very easy to understand.

− God is love but he is also a Spirit, he is an invisible power, Jim Beam is a spirit or invisible power, pneumatics is the application of spirit driven tools, the Spirit of 76 is the spirit of independence it is an invisible but very real Spirit. The spirit of one person is often very different from the spirit of another man but it's just a reference to the invisible power contained. The Devil has a cowardly Spirit but the angels if they haven't joined the Devil will have a kind holy spirit. In every case when you see the word Spirit you replace it with INVISABLE POWER you will be rewarded with a clearly understandable meaning every time and any situation.

− Recently the Astrological science community discovered what they call "DARK ENERGY", it is neither dark nor energy, if you shine a light on it would it then be light energy? NO. We do not buy energy from the energy plant we buy power from the power plant, we don't turn on the energy we turn on the power. Dark energy is a wrong conclusion and should be correctly called invisible power, nothing more and nothing less. The proper name for invisible power is Spirit. The astrological science community did not see God but they did see his invisible power or Holy Spirit in action, did they thank him? I doubt it.

− I kept my contribution in parentheses signed IPN 7/22/2014)