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Andorra Arbre Sec Arlay Aromate Attendu Azalee Balle Negre Banjer Banstar Barberine Beau Sultan Belle Epoque Brume Brunehilde Buzzword Calomel Canalette Canzoni Caravelle Cariellor Carnation Catherinette Chene Royal Chimes Band Cingalaise Clairon Cobalt Cocomel Command Freddy Criniere Dagor Dandy Lute Diamond Green Dictus Djelal Dogat Dolma Baghtche Early March Eryx Esclarmonde Esmeralda Farnus Farthing Ferriol Fine Fellow Franc Luron Franco-Russe Gouvernant Grand Chelem Guys and Dolls Hag to Hag Hautain Hyperite Iadwiga Indian Jones Janus Jupin Kadounor Kadrou Kontrastat La Bourrasque La Chiffa La Sega La Taglioni Le Triton Le Vie dei Colori Le Volcan Lezignan Linamix Local Talent Lucie Luzon Madagascar Manfred Marka Marly Mia Pola Mistress Ford Monatrea Monsieur Dian Montlhery Mousse de Mer Multiplex Musette My Name Is Bond Necklace Negundo Neptunium No Pass No Sale Nubile Observateur Odol Okawango Pasakos Pearlash Persepolis Petulance Pinmix Pomare Qu'elle Est Belle Rainbow Corner Reine Margot River Knight Roahouga Rosolio Roxelane Sao Paulo Satingo Satory Scabieuse Scaramouche Schuyler Seymour Shamirah Shrew Sidia Silver Shark Slickly Sly Fox Sofast Solette Sombrero Soul City Stearine Steinbeck Stuart Swiss Miss Tactic Takawalk Tourmente Ulm Un Reitre Urgulosa Vent du Nord Visionario Vorias What a Name Wideawake Yasoodd Young Pretender Yvrande

Jockeys, trainers and owners[edit]

Ahmed Ajtebi Mohammed Al Thani René Aubert Theo Bachelot Edmond Blanc Roberto Brogi Mikel Delzangles Robert Denman Patrick Fahey Alfred Gibert Peter Goulandris Guy Guignard Niccolò Incisa Rocchetta Alain Junk Carlos Laffon-Parias Jean Laumain Ecurie Palos de Moguer Bruno Plainfosse Henri Rabatel Scuderia Archi Romani Anthony Speelman Richard Strauss Daniel-Yves Trèves Suzy Volterra Stephane Wattel