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This article's edit history is not complete. Some of the article text's edit history exists at a different location due to copying and pasting between articles.
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This article's edit history includes a copy-paste-without-attribution. This took place on 8 June 2006 and can be seen here. The copied text originally came from History of Greek and Roman Egypt. It was removed on 8 June 2006 with this edit, and the earlier edit history for that copied text can be seen at that page's edit history. Please see Wikipedia:Merge and Wikipedia:How to break up a page for details of when such copying and pasting is acceptable and when it is not, and how to correctly attribute using links in the edit summaries.


We need an emmidiate template with years (305 BC-30 BC) and a nice map for this one. I can contribute with materials but I am very poor with technical stuff. Please consider this, a template like "Inca Empire" or "Roman Republic" with a map an so.

Monarch and Nomarch[edit]

This change was made back in May 2006 at History of Greek and Roman Egypt. The text was since moved to Ptolemaic Egypt, but the important point is that nomarch was correct, and monarch was incorrect. I have now changed things so they are correct again. Please can anyone watching the article ensure that a similar well-intentioned mistake is not made in the future. Carcharoth 08:45, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Basilikon Agemata[edit]

The section under Basilikon Agemata is confusingly formatted and written. Should someone do something about this or flag it?

Plagiarized Material[edit]

A large chunk of this article (Namely, all of the portions discussing the Ptolemaic Army) is lifted from the unit descriptions of the Ptolemaioi army for Europa Barbarorum, a mod for the PC game Rome: Total War. This probably should be corrected. The lifted text can originally be found here: Swordwraith 20:11, 28 September 2006 (UTC)