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Would be good to see a brief history of RIPE on this page.

Shane 18:48, 5 September 2006 (UTC)


Raindeer 09:45, 23 june 2007 (CET)

Edits by NCC COMS[edit]

It's quite unclear to me why NCC COMS (Ripe NCC communications??) would delete many of my edits. The current article is already quite short and terse and on top of that, the information is factually correct and often right of their websites or from personal experience.

Raindeer 23:17, 11 july 2007 (CET)

The information you've added is not entirely correct and does not add significant value to the article. For instance, the statement that Rob Blokzijl "is sometimes referred to as mr. RIPE" adds no value. Similarly, the statement that "The meeting always ends with a presentation by the Secret Working Group" is not accurate. The presentation is *to* the Secret WG and not *by* the Secret WG. Furthermore, the poetic forms used are not limited to limericks but include sonnets and haiku. However, none of this is relevant as these factoids are the sort of gossip that would be more at home in a tabloid newspaper than in an encyclopedia article.

Lvegoda 06:49, 17 July 2007 (UTC)

I made some changes to make the article look better and to keep your comments in mind. I do think the Secret Working Group stuff should be let in. Secret Working Group is an integral part of a RIPE Meeting and it sais alot about the RIPE culture that this is part of it. The article as it was terse and dry and didn't give readers an idea of what RIPE does and how it functions. It's still not very good, but it can be improved on in the future. Some things that probably need to be added is a reference to the various working groups.

Raindeer 10:38, 17 july 2007 (CET)


The whole point of the article is to give a factual and correct overview of what RIPE is and what RIPE does which is why it is quite flat - it's a complex concept and one which is difficult to understand unless you are 'part of it'. The orignal version of the article gave a clear, concise and correct overview. The more little anecdotes that are added into it, the more confusing it becomes. I personally have never heard Rob Blokzijl referred to as 'mr RIPE' in several years dealing with him and RIPE. The reason I removed the part about the "secret working group" is because it is only meaningful to those who have been to a RIPE Meeting. The RIPE community involves many, many others who never have/never will attend a RIPE Meeing and putting this stuff in there makes it like an 'in joke' and something the rest of the community is missing out on - which they most certainly are not. Secondly, there are so many more things that occur at RIPE Meetings that are much more important and newsworthy than the "secret working goup". I find it odd that this is what you choose to focus on. However, I've left all this stuff in as you quite rightly point out that this is a collaborative effort.

countries in the RIPE NCC service region[edit]

The external link to the list of countries in the RIPE NCC service region includes a number of countries outside of the RIPE NCC service region, for instance, Hong Kong and Zimbabwe are in the APNIC and AfriNIC service regions. The link should probably be removed or changed. Alternatively, the list of countries in the RIPE NCC service region could be included in this article as the list is factual and national mergers and acquisitions aren't terribly common. 21:36, 18 July 2007 (UTC)

ncc_comms This link now points to the RIPE NCC service region map instead of the list of countries in which RIPE NCC members provide services.

External links modified[edit]

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