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I think that this article "Redstone Old Fort" is in error as to a place name. The Article states that the indian path to Redstone Old Fort starts at the Potomac River east of the Cumberland Gap. The Cumberland Gap phrase has a link to the Historic Cumberland Gap used by Daniel Boone to enter Kentucky. That historical location is 250 miles south of the Potomac River. The gap used by the trail, I believe, is the Potomac Gap. The Gap cut through the Allegheny Mountains at the location of present day Cumberland, Maryland, fondly known to locals as Lovers Leap. This trail, I believe, is the route used by the National Pike (U.S. Route 40) as it proceeds west from Hagerstown, Maryland through Cumberland, Maryland (the Potomac Gap) over the mountains past Fort Necessity through Uniontown, Pennsylvania to Brownsville, Pennsylvania (Redstone Old Fort). I do not believe this route has anything to do with the Historic Cumberland Gap.