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Lack of metapsychic powers: Marc Remillard's ability to teleport (D-Jump?)

D-jumping is the mental ability to create what the series called a upsilon field, in which the mind provides the imputus to dimensionally jump. In the Milieu, spaceships did the same thing, only mechanically. It is an aspect of the MP ability of creativity. It has a pain component as well, the farther you jump, the more painfull it becomes. His range is extremely high though compared to spaceship jumping, having the ability to cross galatic distances, whether it is because of his own personal pain threshold or some redactive pain control is not discussed though. He does acquire the mental program for pain remediation from the Tanu redactive guild. The D-jumping ability was acquired from Felice, who was an instinctual jumper, but it required major tweaking as well as time to "learn" it and to get rid of the rubberband effect. Marc also used his CE equipement to jack up his D-jumping ability though he probably didn't really need to do it for earth bound trips. D-jumping also created EM releases which would be a major problem for large scale use.

Speculate that Felice was actually a product of the Mental Man project( or being a Remillard herself). She certainly fit the profile. (talk) 01:55, 19 August 2008 (UTC)