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Which northern Maluku Islands?[edit]

I haven't been able to verify which northern Maluku Islands are on the Shelf. Aru Islands are, but are they northern or southern Maluku? The only other Indonesian islands I could verify on the Shelf, eg, Waigeo, are part of Irian Jaya. Nurg 06:29, 9 July 2006 (UTC)

  • This Indonesian reference states Maluku, Sulawesi and the Lesser Sunda Islands, which lie between the Sunda and Sahul shelves, have a strikingly different fauna. He also states The archipelago is divided into three groups. The islands of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, and the small islands in-between. lie on the Sunda Shelf which begin on the coasts of Malaysia and Indo China, where the sea depth does not exceed 700 feet. Irian Jaya which is part of the island of New Guinea, and the Aru Islands lie on the Sahul Shelf, which stretches northwards from the Australian coast. Here the sea depth is similar to that of the Sunda Shelf. Located between these two shelves is the island group of Nusatcnggara. Maluku and Sulawesi, where the sea depth reaches 15.000 feet. Coastal plains have been developed around the islands of Sumatra. Java. Kalimantan and Irian Jaya. The land area is generally covered by thick tropical rain forests, where fertile soils are continuously replenished by volcanic eruptions like those on the island of Java.--Arktos talk 23:47, 27 August 2006 (UTC)