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Info Box Image[edit]

I changed the picture of Kirara, Komachi, and Rikichi for one with the Seven Samurai Maigokunshu 04:53, 1 October 2006 (UTC)

DVD Titles?[edit]

Does anyone know where to find the other renamed DVD titles? (i.e. "The Master", "The Pupil", etc.) I can only find the first 8 for listing on article.

I dont think they are out yet... i may be wrong but jus sayin

How long are the episodes?[edit]

It's something I've been curious about, but are the episodes of Samurai 7 shorter than the average Anime episode? If they are I don't know if it bears article significance, but I wonder if anyone found the same thing. Prodigis (talk) 15:09, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

SPOILER ALERT: Kirara, Kambei, and Katsushiro[edit]

I took out some info in the Kirara part, because it sounded a bit misleading and is a spoiler of sorts.

SPOILER FOLLOWS: Kirara is in love with Kambei, not Katsushiro. She feels pity for Katsushiro and has this "I want to save everyone" mentality, which first gives the viewer the impression she loves him. She just really likes him as a close friend and feels personal guilt for leading him down a difficult path. Now she MIGHT have had some romantic feelings towards Katsushiro in the beginning, but by the time she slaps Katsushiro and he steals that kiss, its really Kambei who she wants to bump boots (err... wooden shoes) with. In any case, Kambei doesn't return those feelings, and as such its an unrequited love. Sad really. Everyone loses in this reguard. Katsushiro can never have Kirara; Kirara can never have Kambei; and if Kambei really has feelings for Kirara, he will not let them surface due to personal reasons and I suppose his respect/friendship with Katsushiro.

Moments where Kirara shows she loves Kanbei; not Katsushiro:
Moment #1: When she first meets sees him and runs after him after defeating the suicide samurai. She says, "He's the one" - both as a savior of her people and personal love.
Moment #2: She jumps in the sewers, and Kanbei saves her. She knew "her hero" would save her. Kanbei has an unusual frown - he knows she has an unhealthy interest in him.
From this point on (episode 3 and beyond), Kanbei repeatedly pairs Kirara and Kikuchiyo together. He knows she likes him, and he's trying to "pass her off" in hopes its just a mild infatuation that will pass if directed to something else.
Moment #3: When Yukino tells Kirara that she and Kikuchiyo make a good couple after they first met, Kirara answers that she isn't interested in men. Later, when Yukino "hints" that she knows who Kirara really loves (Kanbei) later in the series, she says nothing while the stone glows brightly.
Moment #4: Kirara really hates and distrusts Kyuzo at first, because she fears what he'll do to Kanbei. She loves Kanbei, so unlike the others her emotions are really clouding her, and she can't get herself to really like him until a bit more.
Moment #5: When the girls ask Kirara about the "samurai", Kirara starts talking about how great Kanbei is. The girls wanted to know about Kikuchiyo.
Moment #6: Kirara is always happier to see Kanbei, than she is to see Kikuchiyo. This is really apparent at the part where Kanbei and Kikuchiyo are in the village "library."
Moment #7: After the library scene, Kanbei says he wants to talk with Kirara in private. She gets all happy. During the talk, Kirara counters that she can also help on the field... where Kanbei will be...
Moment #8: Every time Kanbei tells Kirara that Kikuchiyo will be her protector, she gets all defensive or says she'll be okay without him (Kikuchiyo). She wants to be with Kanbei instead.
Moment #9: When climbing up the cliff after saving her the first time, Kanbei offers his hands to help up Kirara. She looks at his waist accidentally and gets embarrassed (dirty thoughts).
Moment #10: Kirara keeps Kanbei's old bandages as a keepsake. Her grandma notes this. Kirara gets embarrassed.
Moment #11: After the fight with the Red Spider, Kanbei walks away to finish some business. Kirara tries to follow after him, but is stopped.
Moment #12: When the other four samurai leave to find Kanbei after he's capture, Kirara has a short moment with the village elder. The man whom she is "having sinful thoughts" for is Kanbei. The "other samurai" whom Kirara claims she hasn't paid attention too, is Kikuchiyo.
Moment #13: There a part in the Capital where Kikuchiyo doubts if Kanbei can win a certain fight with his dull sword. Kirara tells him Kanbei WILL win. He then starts to agree. Kirara NEVER doubts Kanbei in battle.
Moment #14: Kirara slaps Kikuchiyo for insulting Kanbei. Kikuchiyo kisses Kirara, but there is anger in the eyes; not love. Kikuchiyo knows who she loves and storms off.
Moment #15: See Moment #3 above.
Moment #16: Kirara's admission that she wants to have sex with Kanbei in the cart.
Moment #17: Flashback where Kirara tries to tell Kanbei she loves him.
Moment #18: Kirara staying with Kanbei all through the winter, despite him ignoring her advances.
Moment #19: When Kirara's grandma asks if she's willing to go after Kikuchiyo instead of Kanbei, she merely shuts the window when she sees Kikuchiyo working out in the field. She had a chance, she didn't want it. She's still hopes for Kanbei.

None of this is based in fact, it's just your own opinions. The show hints more at her having feelings for Katsushiro then Kanbei. The main evidence is her promise to Katsushiro that she will "sink with him, and wash the blood of his hands". What you are saying is opinion and not factual. In fact using the same evidence as you I could suggest that there is romantic tension between Kanbei and Kyuzo. After all Kanbei telling Kyuzo "I am in love" did make it onto an episode recap. History documented relationships between older and younger samurai. There was a look on their faces has they rubbed their neck wounds that suggested this also, and Kanbei did say "I want him". Of course these statements will be attacked, but they've not been entered into the article, and neither should information about Kirara having feelings for Kanbei.

In the official artbook for Samurai 7, the directors state that its a love triange between Kanbei, Kirara, and Kikuchiyo. In any case, the director say Kanbei is the one she picked. I don't know the ISBN for this book, but you can order it from Animenation.
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The result of the debate was move (no objections and simple move over redirect). -- tariqabjotu (joturner) 00:08, 14 August 2006 (UTC)

Requested move[edit]

Akira Kurosawa's Samurai 7Samurai 7Rationale: The better and much more well-known titling of this anime series is Samurai 7, which is the title used for the series everywhere, including news and reference sources, and is the most used and well-known, including the one being used in the Animax, IFCTV and Animania English-language broadcasts of the series, whereas Akira Kurosawa's Samurai 7 is only the full formal name given by FUNimation's N.A. DVD licensing. The use of the title Samurai 7 for this series is so widespread that even FUNimation's official North American website lists the series as Samurai 7. As per Wikipedia:Naming conventions, Wikipedia gives more emphasis to the titling which more readers are familiar towards, in this case Samurai 7, instead of what is considered to be "official" titles. If we were to even do a Google search comparision, we would find that there are 17,600,000 references alone to Samurai 7, whereas there are only 465,000 for Akira Kurosawa's Samurai 7. I therefore humbly propose that the article be retitled/moved to Samurai 7, per Wikipedia naming guidelines, as it is the much better and widely-known titling.

  • Support as nominator. ~ Ganryuu (Talk) 05:40, 08 August 2006 (UTC)
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Tried adding a rational template. Eldar 22:50, 10 June 2007 (UTC)

If you ask me Kirara was quite confused with her feelings for Kanbei and Katsushiro especially at the end. Even in between the series Kanbei just treated her as a kid so only one she was able to relate to was Katsushiro. She must of obviously went a little far with Katsushiro when she was nursing him for him to go as far as kissing her when he was naive, innocent and too kind to begin with. That it self indirectly hints she also had feelings for Katsushiro. She was leaning toward Kanbei just because he was kind and a strong samurai. In the end whe Kasushiro became just as strong she wanted to see him off especially but he laft before she was going to say anything. If you ask me some time in the future their love might spring open. Knowing how Kanbei is I am guessing Katsushiro might return to Kirara after he completes his journey because from the begining Kirara wanted a very strong samurai and Katsushiro know that and probably want to accomplish it. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 22:33, 10 December 2008 (UTC)


--KrebMarkt (talk) 14:33, 27 March 2011 (UTC)


This article could use the addition of a section on how well the series was received. RJFJR (talk) 03:57, 5 December 2016 (UTC)