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Article Talk page Is there a way we can have non-duplication of ref numbers AND the refs grouped under the appropriate paragraphs???Dungur (talk) 20:02, 13 June 2009 (UTC)


Reading the first time through the article, it seems to be written by some highly talented individuals in the form, but from a markedly US-newage-hippie point of view. The article goes more with prose than encyclopedic style. It refers willy-nilly to Tuvans and what-not, as it goes. What little international context there is, it seems glued-on, and the few parts which have been given their own separate, longer articles, don't seem to be much better, even if they do merit pushing their lengthy exposition to another page.

I got here as a Finnish person searching for both Finnish and Irish folk musical instruments. Their Bodhran and our taikarumpu being part of our several, cultural, shamanic heritage. Both originally shamanic drums. Yet what I found was something which doesn't have pretty much anything to say about the worldwide animistic underpinnings of music, even in the basic, universal drum. What I found was an article where discography (to be used with artists, and scantly genres, not here) melds to notes melds to references could-meld-to see-toos as well.

What is this, now? I'm not the one to correct the situation, but as someone who knows something at least on a general level, I really have to tag this in more than one way. Not least because there hasn't even been any real discussion about the content. Otherwise it seems this is and will remain "a spice rack for the wanna-blessed-bes." Decoy (talk) 02:25, 16 July 2012 (UTC)