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Current and missing information[edit]

Looking at this page, to me it seems to be missing lots of information and it just seems like a mess. Through the different years there is categories that are new and some are replaced and there are years with more winners and some with less. By the time is reaches into farther awards ceremonies, this page will just sort of be a list rather than a page about the shorty awards themselves. And like so many other Wikipedia articles about awards like the Grammy Awards, Academy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Youtube Music Awards, etc. there is mostly no listing of all the ceremonies and winners. These other articles also include history and what the award is, things about the actual award, not those who are presented it. So seeing many improvements that could be used, here are some suggested:

To do[edit]

  • History section
    • Include how it was founded and the formation
  • Keep descriptions of each award ceremony, but at the same time move the winners and adding those who were nominated to their own page such as the 7th Shorty Awards or 7th Annual Shorty Awards
  • Statue, a description about the statue and information about it
  • Nomination, such as how people are nominated, process, all the good stuff
  • Ceremony, history on where it takes place and possible list of where it has been hosted
  • Awards, such a category section of current, discontinued, special, proposed awards
  • Ratings, by viewers or companies
  • Criticism if there is any
  • Pictures of the awards, winners holding it/being presented with it, anything about the above
  • Venue where the award ceremony is hosted
  • Misc lists of top winners or performances or things about the awards
  • More references in order to better back up sources
  • See also section to related awards

Thank you - Adog104 Talk to me 15:17, 5 December 2015 (UTC)