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Sister Cities[edit]

Should any mention be made that Charleston and Spoleto are sister cities? Adam from Charleston--Adam (talk) 04:19, 31 December 2005 (UTC)

Removal of self-promoting chunks of program information for 2009 festival[edit]

It would appear that the full program details - series, titles, locations, dates, ticket prices, etc. - have been copied into the article from the Festival's website. Even if not all is totally copied, Wikipedia is not an advertising medium for any specific event or venue. I have removed the majority of the added text by User:Spoletousa and subsituted a summary of the highlights of the Festival's program to give an idea of what it contains.

Readers can find all the detail they want by going on the Festival's website. Viva-Verdi (talk) 15:07, 2 May 2009 (UTC)


I removed the section about other opera festivals, and it was returned. I removed it again, but decided to put it back myself and start a discussion here instead. I don't think the article needs to have an entire section directing readers to just one specific link. I have two reasons for that. First, there is already a collection of related links in a dedicated box at the bottom of the article, and the link to other opera festivals is already there. It seems redundant to list it both at the bottom and then highlight the one link in its own section in the article. Second, regardless of there being a link at the bottom already, I'm not sure the shout out to a list of opera festivals is right for its own specific section of the article. Spoleto isn't even an opera festival in the first place, but even if it were, having a "see also" which directs to just one thing isn't really justified as a co-equal section of an article about the event itself. That's why moving it to a collection of similar links at the bottom of the page seems like the right solution. ProfReader (talk)

Reverted changes made by User talk:Spoleto[edit]

In making significant changes to the article, User talk:Spoleto removed over 4,000 bites of text, most of it being the history of the Festival. In the past, this user appears to have been something of an insider and has posted huge chunks of copy from the Festival's website, which were reverted. (See article history).

  • History: Now, I'd agree that it is far too detailed as it stands, and it could well be trimmed but it is a significant aspect of how the Festival evolved. And it also needs information on its 21C history. But "bad news" cannot simply be removed......
  • List of posters: What is the purpose of this long list? Is a reader going to come here to see if a particular artist created a poster for the festival? Hardly. It is largely irrelevant. A mention, with an illustration would be nice......
  • Wiki-linking is almost entirely absent in the changed version. Viva-Verdi (talk) 23:07, 28 August 2014 (UTC)
I totally agree that the earlier material needed to be returned. I can't even imagine the motive from removing it. The in-fighting was the single most important development in the history of the festival other than its founding. It marked a huge change in the leadership and direction of the festival. I'm open to hearing the other side of things from the person who removed it all, but I can't guess at what that motivation might have been.ProfReader (talk) 01:47, 29 August 2014 (UTC)