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"Superfluous information"[edit]

The article is just 3 paragraphs and is considered a stub. Another user did a major deletion of about half of this short article, saying it was "superfluous information". I strongly disagree, and while (maybe) well intentioned it was borderline vandalism.

  • DONT remove the fact that its often referred to as The Sully, that is a well recognized nickname for the arena
  • DONT remove the fact that the arena is home to the Alaska Fighting Championship, its a major sporting event regularly held there
  • DONT remove information on seating capacity. That is very relevant to an article on any venue.

If you feel like something should be reworded, etc., then feel free to do so. But simply deleting half of an article really is a form of vandalism. Michaelh2001 (talk) 05:34, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

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Other tenants, former staff[edit]

The Alaska School Activities Association is a notable ongoing tenant. Goldenvoice Productions is a notable former tenant. While not individually notable, Aurora Productions/Sourdough Productions and related companies have a long association with the arena, and the Great Alaska Sportsman's Show is one of the arena's largest and oldest events.

Two names from the arena's early management team stand out. General manager Tom Anderson had just recently retired as head of the Alaska State Troopers when he took this position. He is also the father of the perhaps better known Tom Anderson. Another early manager, Dan Sullivan, is currently mayor of Anchorage. He is the son of arena namesake George M. Sullivan.RadioKAOS (talk) 02:02, 25 July 2012 (UTC)

Also, while it's been a few years...[edit]

There was much attention given a while back to the arena's sinking floor and how it was then discovered that the soils were perhaps a little unstable to begin with, citing a previous occupant of the site. Until Mulcahy was built and the surrounding area started to change with the subsequent development of the Chester Creek Sports Complex, most of the area on the west side of Gambell Street from 15th to Chester Creek had long been industrial in nature. This probably wasn't the best site to begin with, but a lot of Project 80s buildings wound up in or close to downtown at a time when Anchorage was growing away from downtown. I believe they replaced the floor at that time, but I've long since forgotten exactly.

There's also Metallica's first concert where they set the arena PA on fire because of how loud they were. Newspapers would occasionally give concert reviews, but I couldn't say if they reported on it or not. I was standing about 30 feet away watching it with a certain amount of awe, but of course that's OR. RadioKAOS / Talk to me, Billy / Transmissions 07:25, 5 May 2016 (UTC)