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Has anyone got a source for where in Birthright it says no native spaceship ever left Krypton. Because I've just reread the first few chapters and no reference was ever made about that, just the lack of current space shuttles to evacuate the populace. Crispin Giles 21:19, 20 June 2006 (UTC)

More criticism[edit]

Yeah, I found it weird the article mentions no spaceships, since Luthor clearly shows the public a undoctored photo of a Kryptonian spaceship.

Part of my problem with the story is 1) Metropolis being shown with futuristic building upon Superman's arrival which is contrary to previous portrayals, 2) the use of the Internet and other technology seems out of place considering this story would have taken a good 14-15 years ago DCU time, 3) people act like they've never seen a super-hero before when we know they have existed in the DCU since the 30's (people should also know there is life on other planets).

With regard to the technological anachronisms, I would argue that we can't really compare the development of the DC universe with ours anymore. Battling Nazi robots put paid to that idea. As for the superhero thing, it is probably because Superman was the first one not to wear a mask. Crispin Giles 19:11, 8 August 2006 (UTC)
I agree, the DC Universe is much more advance. What I was saying is the look of Metropolis. In Birthright, it is futuristic upon Superman's arrival. Yet that is contrary to how it had been shown throughout Superman's career.

Still more criticism[edit]

Technically, this is the third revamp of Superman's origin.

Originally, Superman was the sole survivor of Krypton's destruction, sent to Earth as an infant by Jor-L and Lora. Kryptonians were super-strong and fast on their world. Baby Kal-L is adopted by John and Mary Kent, never has a Superboy career, becomes Superman as an adult, and becomes a member of the Justice Society of America. This version would later be considered the Earth-2 Superman.

The first revamp of Superman was more of an evolution occurring over the late Golden Age into the Silver Age. Superboy is introduced in the late 1940s. Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van send their son Kal-El to Earth as a toddler. The Kents are renamed Jonathan and Martha. This Kal-El has a Superboy career and as an adult joins the Justice League of America on Earth-1. Numerous Kryptonians survived Krypton's destruction (Supergirl [Kara Zor-El], the residents of Kandor, the Phantom Zone villains, and others).

The second revamp of Superman followed DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths when John Byrne wrote and drew the Man of Steel mini-series.

Hence, Superman: Birthright is really the third revamp. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by J. Fortney (talk) 00:03, 4 March 2007 (UTC).

Technically, both Birthright and Man of Steel are continuity. If you must know, a friend of mine was at a Comic-Con one or two years ago (seriously!) and met Waid, who said that he respects Bryne's work and was just adding to the Superman mythos. So, Birthright does not retcon Man of Steel and fits itself into the origins, just like Superman Confidental

As I have posted, both Byrne's work and Birthright have been removed from continuity in favor of a new origin that will be released sometime in the future. --CmdrClow 08:28, 27 May 2007 (UTC)

Based on that interview with Kurt Busiek (the new monthly editor), he said in taht there was no definite origin told yet. While both of these may not be "the origin", the new origin very well may have elements of Byrne's Man of Steel. He also said that the first encounter Superman had with Batman is still in canon, its also shown in a flashback in an issue of Superman/Batman. Although a new origin is in development, some things will remain in continuity.

Reinterating the Plot[edit]

Is the summary now succint enough to warrant removing the notice at the top of the page? Johnnyfog 20:53, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

=in other media article correction[edit]

in the Man of Steel movie; Clark´s journey around the world is based on John Byrne´s THE MAN OF STEEL from 1986 not birthright — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:45, 18 July 2015 (UTC)

Assessment comment[edit]

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Dropped to "Start" - No cited references and mostly plot summary. This does not come anywhere close to "B" classification. - J Greb (talk) 18:11, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

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