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I have expanded the brief page about Target Luna to include details of the three sequel series and as many references as I could find. I have no connection with any of the websites or the DVD company.

I believe these serials achieve notability because of the involvement of Sydney Newman and his subsequent work as one of the creators of Doctor Who. Ejclarke (talk) 17:13, 10 April 2012 (UTC)

Not always getting it right[edit]

The science in Pathfinders in Space is generally good, but the show is somewhat let down by some blunders, like Valerie standing up (under heavy G force) during take off from Earth. On the Moon, their helmets do not have glass in them (the problem of fogging from sweat under hot lights used in filming in those days, possibly). I suppose the idea that the glass was supposed to be very clear so invisible but this is ruined by a tuft of Jimmy's hair sticking out of the helmet in his first foray out of the ship. Also they would be blinded by the sunlight without having darkened glass shielding their eyes.

In the caves, when using a torch, you sometimes see their light on their backs. This was a time when film was not very light sensitive so search lights would have been used to simulate light beams. There was an unconvincing blue screen episode in the ship of Jimmy floating, so on the Moon, it is said that the weight of their (flimsy) space suits held them down and stop them making giant leaps in one sixth Earth gravity. Such suits would have to be much heavier than lead for this to happen.

With four hour oxygen units for their suits, one team manage a 150 mile journey on foot, which includes getting lost so wandering around a bit, and traversing a 20,000 feet crater wall, to get to the other ship. Also the rocket's acceleration couches do not have straps to hold them in place and the rocket levers are huge things which could easily be bumped into by accident, so maybe causing a disaster. Typically, the rockets had lots of room in the control room.( (talk) 17:09, 10 November 2013 (UTC))