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  • "Teens in the Workplace." (Spanish: Los Adolescentes que Trabajan) is a bilingual document that discusses state laws about children working in formal jobs

WhisperToMe (talk) 05:23, 31 December 2010 (UTC)


We shall overlook that the article is obviously an in-house agency production lacking any and all information on history, enabling legislation, organizational structure, funding, et al- and instead point out a truly vital achievement. If not for the Texas Workforce Commission, dozens upon dozens of petty bureaucrats and service contractors, ill-trained and lacking any meaningful set of work skills would be bereft of employment and out on the street. Heaven forfend- for such is known to wander into traffic and cause collisions. (talk) 20:37, 27 July 2014 (UTC)I for one am not a fan of them, and I did document the employee and the agency re the comptroller data breach---for the article. Yes, maybe there is more.

The citation is provided---in the Houston Chronicle article. Click on it and read it.


Yeah, what would Texas be without its shallow capitalistically minded christian pharisees.. Who have all the answers but are full of crap as well.. The texas workforce commission should be called "a unemployed person resource" and not a employment office. The government doesn't do shit in Texas, and its because of the ungrateful fascist conservative majority who thinks everyone is out to get their money.. Well the Germans own your ass now.. And they give their employees 6 week paid vacations, and yes they have Unions as well, people get treated very well there, but here, just the other day I saw a pale white kid, 20 something give a black man driving a school bus "the finger".. THIS IS YOUR TEXAS.. EAT IT AND SHUT THE F* UP.. Hitler lives here.

Job matching system is a joke[edit]

Look to make a useful piece of software you have to get the ones who use the system to write it, and rewrite it, people who don't use the system won't know where to start when fixing it. In this one, you specify your "skills" and it filters out the jobs you haven't skills for, so you have to add skills to your profile to match the jobs you should be able to get..

Whoever wrote the web software should be sent to college to learn how to program.. It was likely outsourced to India by some inexperienced bureaucrat who was looking to cut funding because of the over-zealous christian capitalistically minded pharisees that will throw money at something that looks good but won't bother to oversee a problem and discern good from bad. All they can do is pound on people and complain.

If the Texas government was to apply for a job, it would have lots of big words to praise itself with, like "Jobs matching system", but it would be the equivalent of a underskilled person claiming a PHD on their resume. There is not enough brains that go into the development of these programs, and more goes into the rhetoric/marketing surrounding it and to make it sound like they are doing something useful.

JESUS was a communist, look at the first church.. What did he tell the rich man "if you want to be perfect, give all you have to the poor".. Don't dare mention one line of scripture more until you fix this system, that's what Jesus would do. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:30, 16 October 2012 (UTC)