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For the February 2005 deletion debate, see Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/The Humble Guys. Decision was to keep the article. jni 12:45, 10 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Uh, I don't think this David Francis is Candyman, but he's the only one I can find that died in St. Louis on 9/6/2006: Runderwo 18:42, 18 September 2006 (UTC)

Ah..Cheers to any old school that is still around

Good-bye Dave[edit]

I got the news today. A few months late.

So long old friend. You once said we caught lightning in a bottle. What a great ride that was.

05 05 2011 Tried to access article and confirm this was the real "Candyman". URL DEAD.

Before The Humble Guys/PC we owned the Commodore 64 scene running under the group name "Fucked Beyond Repair" aka: FBR aka: FBR2001 for all imports and cracks. Multiple Voicemail systems were used to announce the newest releases and this gavebirth to one of CandyDaves projects the Disk Magazine INTENSE. Ronski/FBR wrote an article for Recollection #2 that tells some Pre-Humble info. The Bit Bandit aka: TBB aka: TBB/FBR is still to this day very active in the c64 irc channel. T0XIC R0ADKILL aka: R0ADKILL Sysop of FIBER0PTIC HELL BBS/FBR HQrs. be reached @ and on for more details about FBR, Intense, Napalm (H/P Side) Amiga releases & the PC .nfo how and why it became standard because of The HUMBLE GUYS. The Slave Lord details on txtfiles are false, Slaves started way before the PC, Napalm & W orship were started as just an internal use only place holder for lack of better to call it. From the name Worship mixed with Ronski telling everyone two bow before the leet g0ds of FBR I had friends that were FBR level but not OFFICIAL in the group for multiple reasons. With the handle R0ADKILL spawned The R0ADRELIGION just rules of the l33t, again, this was never expected to move into the public. With the help of Apple Bandit, Astral Warrior, Kludge(likes to play with DOD computers & redirect little boats like the USS Eliz*), TBB, and other friends they put all 0day releases on my board before the current top bbs's like Pudwerx/UCBBS, UCF, MasterKrackers, Wild Warez, Warez Galore, 5150, Sharks/INC, ESI HQrs, NEI, TSM had a run etc etc etc. Goal was to get our release out fast. problem was all top boards would not just add 10 or more of my friends for unknown reasons like past history ex group members whatever. I was however able to get accounts created in advance and not disclose who my "slaves" were.

the name scheme came from the .zip format for commodore

!1_____s1 !2_____s1 !3_____s1 !4_____s1 !1_____s2 !2_____s2 !3_____s2

File number ______ Side #

R0ADRELIGION = became R0ADRUNNER = !1R0ADRUNNER/FBRs1 it was rhe only way sysops would let them on is by tagging my handle with FBR power and this was when FBR was hitting on all pistons, importing 4 6 8 or more a day.

Text needs to be formatted and verified sources. its on my 2 do list.

THG had better grafix than the current - Morresy was our gfx guy, elric was doing great work

acid members were doing some covers. - getting all content back in order is a huge projet -- how many ppl read this 20-25 year old scene info


quick cleanup?[edit]

Noticed "The NotSoHumble Babe" quickly followed by "The Not So Humble Babe." Anyone with a reliable fix? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 19:04, 29 March 2007 (UTC).

The Not So Humble Babe Died[edit]

The Not So Humble Babe died on Dec 3rd 2003. I had not talked to her since 2000 and happened to find this out while searching for family history online. Amy was a good person, I am sad to read that she died so young (38). She is interned at Knollwood Memorial Park in Canton MI. Garden of Angels Section 232 Plot D2-D. I was married to her for 5 years, I ran Enterprize Elite back in the day. - Static —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 18:10, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

a full text file was n txtfiles related to Babe and the CC fraud

Intense was the 2nd phase of thg magazines

started on the c64 with voicemail and party lines

many members did fed time, amiga 500, Joe screwing Daves wife while he was working for Dave and living at his home.

THG was run like a business, we all had a job and did it well

when the SS knocks on the door, takes all your hardware and you know your phone is bugged have that feeling ppl are stalking you lasts for years....reason,its true... they have a load of resources

one thing that saved a ton of us from 89=94 is that we all had c64 machines, they tried to chase us on pc's .. pc did not have Hmodem protocall from Shamus - Dave Sharpless = HandyTerm

Everyone spills milk, its just how you clean it all up.

THG and FBR was a great tool for all of us to learn what was never offered in school, would be interesting to see Warez group members income per year vs classmates. also the % that went on to college % of group members that started a business (being more outgoing-venture off easy path)

I will scan and upload all the history soon as possible - traffic stats url please

Tks, FIBER0PTIC —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 03:31, 5 May 2011 (UTC)

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