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Disputed Claims[edit]

Inaccuracies regarding the Narwhal's 10th and 11th patrols: My Grandfather, Luke Campeau (CWO), recounts in his memoirs that he departed Darwin, Austrailia, on the USS Narwhal on April 15th. Captain Titus navigated the Narwhal "Northward past the East coast of Timor, through the Molucca Straights, West of Halmahera, and up the East side of Mindanao to Samar -- a distance of 1,800 miles." Regarding the encounter with a Japanese convoy: As we were halfway up the East coast of Mindanao, in the 'Mindanao Deep,' just after midnight while we were running on the surface, we encountered a Japanese convoy of eight freighters with three ship tin can escort." Titus fired four torpedoes. The Narwhal evaded Japanese depth charges by diving to 280 feet -- the Narwhal was only rated for a 250 feet dive. After 15 days aboard the Narwhal, Luke Campeau and his six subordinates (Wx guerrillas) arrived at Pagadian in Zamboanga Province on Midanao. They brought with a meager 5,000 pounds of gear to set up weather station for communication with Gen. MacAurther, which helped lead to the liberation of the Philippines. The description 10th and 11th patrols allude to some of these details Luke Campeau's experience on the submarine. Campeau was a stickler for detail AND honesty. This leads me to believe that these two descriptions are inaccurate, as Campeau was dedicated to accuracy, which could be confirmed by other AGOM guerrillas with whom he served. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Joebatch74 (talkcontribs) 20:42, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Department of corrections[edit]

I deleted this:

"The Japanese ignored the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base, an omission they would regret."

as unencyclopedic in tone. I rewrote this:

"The Battle of Midway, 3 June to 6 June, became the first American victory of World War II, checking the Japanese advance across the Central Pacific and eliminating the threat to Hawaii."

to this:

"during the Battle of Midway, 3 June to 6 June, these submarines, along with several others, accomplished nothing."

I corrected Weary Wilkins & Frank Latta from USNR to Annapolis class year, based on Blair's Silent Victory. And I corrected & amplified the spec box. Trekphiler 18:55, 19 November 2006 (UTC)

Cleanup needed / dead space[edit]

Good article but the vast area of white nothingness on the left side next to the info box is distracting. Would someone, perhaps original creator, please correct this? I'll give it a few weeks and if no one does, then I'l try my hand at it. Sector001 (talk) 18:56, 13 June 2009 (UTC)