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Bad Term in Article[edit]

  • As someone who spent 4 years aboard her, and another 22 as a CPO in the USNR, your use of 'conning tower' in this article is the taking of a term applicable to WW-II (and preceding deisel boats and classes) misapplied to this and all following classes. Conning towers (aka. Attack centers) were a seperate pressurized chamber above the pressure hull proper, set beneath the bridge, manned only during attack runs by 3–6 people, which was above the 'control room'.
  • See the excellent book, Clear the Bridge, by the captain of the USS Tang, Dick O'Kane, a winner of the CMH, for an excellent discription of how different Captains crewed and used the attack centers and conning towers.
  • I'm not sure when the attack centers were moved into the control room proper, though the funny movie 'Down Periscope' a few years back showed Kelsey Grammer making attacks from a control room similar to the older Nuclear boats, i.e. The planesmen, Sonar station, et al were all on the same level as the periscope well. The Movie fails to show you periscope wells on their set (Shafts 20-30 feet deep), so whether the US Navy eliminated the conning tower/attack center in the Improved Gato Class or later desiels is something which needs established. Irregardless, the term is inappropriate from the Albacore and Nautilus onward.
  • As true submersibles, Nautilus (SSN-571, wherein I also took some service) and later classes had no conning tower, only a 'Sail', whose cubage was occupied by ships masts, under ice sonar, and hydraulics. The ships Navigation bridge was still atop the structure, but the equipment and plots used for conning attacks was now thenceforth moved into the control room, part of the Operations compartment.
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