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various info[edit]

Variable Geometry Intake Manifold Design Project:

The Ford 2.5L Duratec also has variable-length runners. They are selected by a butterfly system in the lower intake manifold (LIM).

It should be noted that Resonance Intake System and Variable Lenght Intakes are very different things

T-Jet engines don't have PDA and they don't have VVT. Since the article is about PDA, including them in the list is wrong. You'll find no mention of either PDA or VVT in the press release for the T-Jet engine.[1] Take a look at the official cutaway images, and you'll see that the intake manifold is without PDA, and that there's no VVT as well.[2][3][4]. By contrast, look at the StarJet official cutaway, and you'll readily notice the PDA system, which is actuated with a slider valve, and the cam phaser.[5]

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