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Work needed[edit]

  1. Clarify naming (pubmed uses both 2-aza-... and 3-aza-... forms)
  2. Determine rotation for each enantiomeric structure (data for infobox, rename images to match sign because ambiguity about which is position 1 per previous item).
  3. Chemical identifiers: careful, pubmed seems to have multiple entries.
  4. Synthesis via [4+2] noted in Diels–Alder reaction with chloro form of dienophile, but C&EN ref here says uses methyl analog.
  5. Prep of single enantiomers: US patent 6780635 is for enzymatic resolution of racemate; any other routes or journal refs?
  6. Use: illustrate key reaction of this chemical in a multistep synthesis rather than just a gallery of ultimate derived products.
  7. Rewrite the fluff (lots of "blockbuster" "unique" "only" wordings--throwaway and/or uncited).
  8. Importance: key to most derivatives is as carbocyclic analog of a sugar. Need to actually state and discuss this with some links.
  9. Add ref details: article titles, DOI, fix some unclear formatting (use {{cite journal}} and friends?)

DMacks (talk) 04:54, 14 January 2011 (UTC)