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Can that be proven?????

This needs to be rewritten.

More like Anglings=Vanir or Ingvanir.

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[Odin travels to Scandinavia][edit]

-As a result, Odin led a section of the Æsir to the north looking for new lands in which to settle. They used the Viking route up the Don and the Volga through Garðaríki, Viking Russia. From there they went to Saxland (Germany) and to the lands of Gylfi in Scandinavia (Section 5). The historical view, of course, is mainly fantastical. The Germanics were in Germany and Scandinavia during earliest mention of them in Roman literature, long before the Romans had even conquered Italy. To what extent Snorri's presentation is poetic creation only remains unclear.

--Snorri never makes the claim that there were no Germanic people living in the area. Assyria is Ásaland. Assyr is Æsir and Assur is Össur. Greater Sweden is Skutþjóð/Scythia. And Odin is not a God he is a Goð witch in Old Norse does not mean God. If it did mean god then Goðar in Iceland would also be considered gods witch they were not. Goð/Goði is a person of high importance. Odin was him self a Dróttinn this means that he was a high priest. He had many others with him as is stated in Heimskringla. But this priest class died out and it is not explained why.