Talk Dirty to Me Part III

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Talk Dirty To Me Part III
Directed by Ned Morehead
Produced by Jerry Ross
Written by Jerry Ross
Starring John Leslie
Jamie Gillis
Ginger Lynn
Susan Hart
Tom Byron
Bunny Bleu
Marc Wallice
Rikki Blake
Peter North
Colleen Brennan (as Sharon Kelly)
Amber Lynn
Traci Lords (original version)
Lisa De Leeuw (reedited version)
Music by Jack Spinoza
Edited by Roden Gorbach
Distributed by Dreamland Home Video
Release date
  • 1984 (1984)
Running time
90 minutes
Language English

Talk Dirty to Me Part III was a 1984 pornographic movie and a spoof on the mainstream movie Splash and is the second sequel to the original 1980 film Talk Dirty to Me. John Leslie had the lead role, playing "Jack", a character he had played in the first two installments of the Talk Dirty to Me series. Other cast members include Amber Lynn, Peter North, Jamie Gillis and Ginger Lynn. It won Best Film at the 1985 AVN Awards.[1]

Leslie would continue to play Jack in two more installments of the series, after which the films became less relevant to the original film. At least a dozen Talk Dirty to Me films would ultimately be produced into the early 2000s.


The original film is controversial for having Traci Lords in the cast (she was in fact featured in the original poster for the film and plays a key role). Following the May 1986 revelations that she was underage under U.S. law during filming, the movie was re-edited with Lisa De Leeuw replacing her in re-shot scenes. However, the re-shot footage was done on NTSC videotape, which did not match well with the remaining original 35mm film footage.

Scene breakdown[edit]

Scene 1 Rikki Blake, John Leslie
Scene 2 Traci Lords (Lisa De Leeuw in reedited version)
Scene 3 Ginger Lynn, Tom Byron
Scene 4 Amber Lynn, John Leslie
Scene 5 Bunny Bleu, Susan Hart, Jamie Gillis
Scene 6 Traci Lords (Lisa De Leeuw in reedited version), John Leslie


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