Taman Selatan

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Taman Selatan
Southern Park.JPG
Established 2003
Location Precinct 20, Putrajaya
Country  Malaysia
Type Public cemetery
Owned by Perbadanan Putrajaya
Size 192.38 hectares
Number of graves 570
Website Taman Selatan

Taman Selatan or Southern Park is a cemetery in Precinct 20, Putrajaya, Malaysia. It is analogous to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC, United States.


It is located at Precinct 20 and it occupies 192.38 hectares. The site has 570 grave plots, of these:

  • 331 are reserved for Muslims,
  • 94 for Buddhists,
  • 55 for Christians,
  • 61 for Hindus and
  • the final 29 plots for other religions.
  • Pusara Negarawan, a national cemetery for Malaysian national leaders located at the Muslim cemetery.

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