Tan Tan Taan!

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"Tan Tan Taan!"
Tan Tan Taan Regular.jpg
Regular edition cover
Single by MilkyWay
from the album Kirari to Fuyu
Released Japan October 29, 2008
Format CD single, DVD single
Recorded 2009
Genre Japanese pop
Length 13:00
Label Japan Zetima
MilkyWay singles chronology
"Tan! Tan! Taan!"

Tan! Tan! Taan! is the second single from Kirarin Revolution and Hello! Project group MilkyWay. It was released October 29, 2008. It sold 16, 667 copies in its first week and reached #8 on the charts. Tan! Tan! Taan! was used as the seventh opening theme for the animeKirarin Revolution”, while Gamusharara was used as the eleventh ending theme.[1]

Track list[edit]

Name Track Artist Single
1. Tan! Tan! Taan! MilkyWay Tan! Tan! Taan!
2. Gamusharara MilkyWay Tan! Tan! Taan!
3. Tan! Tan! Taan! (Instrumental) MilkyWay Tan! Tan! Taan!


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