Tarapada Roy

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Tarapada Roy
Born(1936-11-17)17 November 1936
Tangail, British India, now in Bangladesh
Died25 August 2007(2007-08-25) (aged 70)

Tarapada Ray (Bengali: তারাপদ রায়) was a Bengali writer of poems, short stories, and essays. He is especially known for his satirical sense of humour. He was born on November 17, 1936 in Tangail, now in Bangladesh. He lived in Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal until his death on August 25, 2007.

He had his schooling in Bangladesh where he passed his matriculation from Bindubasini High English School. In 1951, he came to Calcutta to attend college. He studied Economics in Central Calcutta College (presently Maulana Azad College). For a time he taught in a school in Habra in North 24Parganas.

Apart from numerous short stories and essays (mostly satirical), he wrote many poems as well. His first collection of poems, "Tomar Pratima" was published in 1960. He also wrote several short shorties commemorating his childhood days spent in East Bengal (Bangladesh). Among his most important works are novel like Charabari Porabari and travelogue like Neel Digante Tokhon Magic. He died on 25 August 2007. He was survived by a son and his wife. He was suffering from renal failure for the last few months. He was so enthusiastic about writing, that it was reported that he even wrote several pieces from his hospital.

Tarapada had close friendship with Hollywood actor Wallace Shawn and famous author Deborrah Eisenberg.

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