Tarbell Cassette Interface

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A 1976 advertisement for the Tarbell Cassette Interface.

The Tarbell Cassette Interface was an expansion card for use with the Altair 8800 early personal computer, or other systems using the Altair's S-100 bus. It was designed by Don Tarbell and sold by Tarbell Electronics as early as 1976.[1] It was fast, reliable and popular, and, while supporting the 1975 Kansas City (Byte/Lancaster) standard, it also offered a much faster Tarbell standard which became a de facto standard for Compact Cassette data storage.[2]

Tarbell also sold other products, including a Shugart Associates-compatible dual disk drive subsystem including a Tarbell floppy disk interface, said to plug into any S-100 bus computer, introduced in 1979.[3]


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