Tasawaq language

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Native to Niger
Ethnicity Isawaghan
Native speakers
8,000 (1998)[1]
  • Ingelshi
  • Emghedeshie
Language codes
ISO 639-3 twq
Glottolog tasa1240[2]
Songhay languages.svg
Location of Songhay languages[3]

Northwest Songhay:


Eastern Songhay:

Person Asawagh / Ingalkoy
People Isawaghan / Ingalkoyyu
Language Tasawaq / Ingelshi

The Sawaq language, Tasawaq, sometimes also called Ingelshi, is a northern Songhay language spoken by the Issawaghan (or Ingalkoyyu), a community surrounding Ingal in Niger.[4][5] A closely related variety called Emghedeshie was spoken at Agadez, but is now extinct.

Like other Northern Songhay languages, it has been strongly influenced by neighboring Tuareg languages.


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