Tasmanian whitebait

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Tasmanian whitebait
Not evaluated (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Osmeriformes
Family: Galaxiidae
Subfamily: Galaxiinae
Genus: Lovettia
McCulloch, 1915
Species: L. sealii
Binomial name
Lovettia sealii
(R. M. Johnston, 1883)

The Tasmanian whitebait or Derwent whitebait (Lovettia sealii) is an osmeriform fish of the family Galaxiidae, found only in Tasmania, Australia.

It grows to a length of up to 8 cm. It is an anadromous fish found in fresh, brackish and marine water.

Lovettia sealii is the single species of its genus, Lovettia.