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Tatiana Fabergé is an author, Fabergé scholar and jeweler from Switzerland.


Tatiana was born in 1930 in Geneva, Switzerland. Her parents are Fedor Carl Fabergé a son of Carl Fabergé and Tatiana Borisovna Sheremeteva-Fabergé, the daughter of Prince Boris Sergeevich Sheremetev and Princess Elisabed Aleksandres Asuli Bagration of Mukhrani. During the 1950s she claims that she studied jewellery design in Paris, where she was in contact with her uncles Eugene Fabergé and Alexander Fabergé. The Fabergé brothers had a store in Paris called Fabergé & Cie. She has always been interested in the House of Fabergé and since she retired from CERN – the European Organization for Particle Physics Research - she has worked researching the family history and promoting its heritage.[1] She launched her own jewelry and product line Tatiana Fabergé which is marketed through her own [2] Her brand has been purchased by Fabergé Inc.


Her publications on Carl Fabergé include The History of the House of Fabergé (1992) co-authored with Valentin Skurlov and The Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs (1997) co-authored with Lynette Proler and Valentin Skurlov, which incorporates a catalogue raisonné of Fabergé’s Imperial Eggs. She has also co-authored Fabergé and Saint Petersburg Jewellers in collaboration with Messrs Gorynia and Skurlov which contains a comprehensive compilation of documents and publications relating to the House of Fabergé. In 2012 she co-authored the 624 comprehensive reference book Fabergé with Valentin Skurlov and Eric-Alain Kohler. Since 2007 she is actively involved in giving advice and guidance via the Fabergé Heritage Council, a division of Fabergé Ltd, regarding the relaunch of the brand. She works closely with the creative team and advises on heritage matters.


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