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This article is about the Roman consul of 428. For the Roman consul of 361, see Taurus (consul 361).

Flavius Taurus (died 449) was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire, Consul in 428.

He was the son of Aurelianus, Consul in 400 and powerful Praetorian prefect of the East, and nephew of the Taurus Consul in 361. His son, Taurus Clementinus Armonius Clementinus, was consul in 513.

As his father, his grandfather and his uncle Flavius Eutychianus before him, he was Consul, in 428, and Praetorian prefect (of the East); he had also the rank of patricius between 433 and 434.


Political offices
Preceded by
Flavius Hierius,
Flavius Ardabur
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Felix
Succeeded by
Flavius Florentius,
Flavius Dionysius
Preceded by
Flavius Hierus
Praetorian prefect of the East
Succeeded by
Flavius Anthemius Isidorus
Preceded by
Praetorian prefect of the East
Succeeded by
Flavius Constantinus