Tayo the Little Bus

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Tayo the Little Bus
Genre Children, comedy
Written by Choi, Jong-Il
Directed by Kim, Min-sung
Voices of Robyn Slade - Tayo
Nolan Balzer - Rogi
Kami Desilets - Lani
Kerri Salki - Gani
Opening theme Tayo the Little Bus
Ending theme Vroom, Vroom, Vroom!
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
English (Dubbed)
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 104
Running time 11 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Iconix Entertainment, Educational Broadcasting System, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Distributor Educational Broadcasting System
Original network Educational Broadcasting System
Original release 2010 (2010) – 2017
External links
Official website www.tayobus.com/eng

Tayo the Little Bus (Hangul꼬마버스 타요; RRKkoma-beoseu Tayo) is a South Korean computer-animated television series created by Iconix Entertainment, Educational Broadcasting System and the Metropolitan Government of Seoul.[1] The show was produced with the help of Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon's administration.[2] It began airing in South Korea on EBS in 2010, and an English-dubbed version of the series began airing on Disney Junior (Asia) in 2012, with Disney Junior (Australia and New Zealand) following in 2013. In the United States and Canada, Hulu is the exclusive distributor of the series,[3] though the second season is on Netflix.

The series is available in Korean, English, Spanish, Turkish and Russian on the production company's Tayo YouTube channel.[4]

Season 1[edit]

  1. A Day in the Life of Tayo
  2. Tayo gets lost
  3. Tayo's First Drive
  4. Good Friends
  5. Afraid of the Dark
  6. Thanks, Cito!
  7. Let's All Get Along
  8. I Want New Tires
  9. Our New Friend, Gani
  10. Hana and Gani
  11. I Want to Go on a Picnic!
  12. Let's Be Friends
  13. Nuri is a Superstar
  14. Rogi's Hiccups
  15. Hana's Day Out
  16. The Best Heavy Equipment
  17. Joey, the Magician
  18. Frank and Alice Are Awesome!
  19. Lani's Misunderstanding
  20. Make Up, Frank and Alice
  21. Tayo's Space Adventure
  22. Speeding is Dangerous
  23. Lani's Day Off
  24. My Job's the Hardest
  25. Gani is Sick
  26. Tayo is the Best

Season 2[edit]

  1. (27) Tayo and Bongbong
  2. (28) The Perfect duo, Rookie and Pat
  3. (29) Gani the Teacher!
  4. (30) I'll help you, Big
  5. (31) Please Pick Me
  6. (32) A New Playground!
  7. (33) Nana Visits the City
  8. (34) Nuri's worst Day
  9. (35) The Treasure is Mine!
  10. (36) Rogi the Detective!
  11. (37) Rogi's Special Guest
  12. (38) The Leader of the Playground!
  13. (39) Cito's Secret
  14. (40) Lani the Princess Wannabe
  15. (41) Tayo the Grown-up
  16. (42) Tiny Tayo
  17. (43) Tayo's Space Adventure Part 1
  18. (44) Tayo's Space Adventure Part 2
  19. (45) It's Hard to Behave
  20. (46) Gani's Present
  21. (47) Air, the Brave Helicopter
  22. (48) Prank Call Madness
  23. (49) A Frightful Night
  24. (50) Nana's Invitation
  25. (51) Tayo's First Snow Day
  26. (52) Hana's Special Day

Season 3[edit]

  1. (53) The New Friend, Heart
  2. (54) We Are A Family
  3. (55) Rogi the Sweeper
  4. (56) I Know It All
  5. (57) A School Day
  6. (58) Cheer Up Frank
  7. (59) A Weekend With Citu
  8. (60) Tayo's Promise
  9. (61) Gani The Super Star
  10. (62) Toto and Bongbong
  11. (63) Laugh, Pat
  12. (64) We Are The Best With Each Other
  13. (65) Cooku & Champ's Trip To The City
  14. (66) I Can't Sleep
  15. (67) I Want To Be Your Friend
  16. (68) City Heroes, Tayo & Duri
  17. (69) We Are The Heavy-Duty Circus
  18. (70) The Best Mechanic
  19. (71) I Want A Puppy
  20. (72) Ask Met Anything
  21. (73) Poco's Flower
  22. (74) Tayo's Christmas
  23. (75) Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1
  24. (76) Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2
  25. (77) Somebody Help Us
  26. (78) The Little Buses Sports Day

Season 4[edit]

  1. (79) Nice To Meet You, Peanut!
  2. (80) You Are Special
  3. (81) Please Believe Me
  4. (82) The New Emergency Center
  5. (83) Who Is The Real Tayo?
  6. (84) Chris Wants Recognition
  7. (85) Rogi's Junk Treasure
  8. (86) Tayo Becomes A Police Officer
  9. (87) Trammy's First Day At Work
  10. (88) Who Is Cooler?
  11. (89) Mountain Ghost Incident
  12. (90) Trammy's Secret
  13. (91) Peanut's Misunderstanding
  14. (92) We Love Fairy Tales
  15. (93) Asura The Little Wizard
  16. (94) The Best Detective
  17. (95) Give Me Courage
  18. (96) Tayo Goes To The Countryside
  19. (97) We Are All Friends
  20. (98) Kinder's Field Trip
  21. (99) Citu's Secret Playground
  22. (100) Thank you Ms Teach
  23. (101) A day with Booba
  24. (102) A present for Hana
  25. (103) Duri's homework
  26. (104) The little buses' play


Main characters[edit]

The series features four main characters.

  • Tayo (Bus 120, blue) is playful and sometimes mischievous. He is the third oldest of the four buses.
  • Rogi (Bus 1000, green) is his best friend, although the two often get into fights with each other. Funny and mischievous himself, Rogi also has an interest in detective work, as can be seen in "Rogi the Detective!" and "Prank Call Madness". Both friends resemble a Hyundai Super Aero City. He is the second oldest of the four buses.
  • Lani (Bus 02, yellow) She is sweet-natured, cheerful, kind and sensitive. Possessing little tolerance for arguments, she often acts as a mediator between Tayo and Rogi. She is the youngest of the four buses.
  • Gani (Bus 1339, red), who is hardworking, mature, warm-hearted, and shy. He is the oldest of the four buses.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Hana is a kind mechanic, who takes care of the little buses and works in the bus depot repair shop.
  • Citu (whose original name was Cito), a red double-decker tour bus, serves as a father-figure for Tayo, Rogi, Lani, and Gani. He often reprimands Tayo and Rogi for getting too rough. However, in "Cito's Secret" it is revealed that he had a boisterous past himself. An old mentor of his, Booba, appeared in this episode.

Frequent supporting characters[edit]

  • Nuri is a calm and professional female taxi who first met Tayo in the episode "A Day in the Life of Tayo". She is very nice to Tayo and his friends, often visiting them at the bus depot.
  • Rookie is a police officer who sometimes goofs up with his job because he is new to it.
  • Pat is an experienced police car who is always serious when working. Rookie is Pat's police officer.
  • Speedy (later Speed) is a red car who likes to go really fast, and is modelled on a Porsche Targa 4S.
  • Shine is an overproud yellow car who likes to show off, repeatedly leading to his own embarrassment. Shine is modelled after the Mercedes SLK R171 coupe.[citation needed]
  • Heart is Hana's pink helper car but in the past brown is her color in the episode "The New Friend, Heart" in Season 3.
  • Peanut (Bus 03), is an eco-friendly tour bus who is younger than the main four buses.

Recurring supporting characters[edit]

  • Toto is a yellow tow truck who is really responsible with his job.
  • Air is a red helicopter who is part of the rescue team.
  • Bongbong is a very chipper light blue baby minibus, modelled on the classic VW minibus. First appearance in "Tayo and Bongbong".
  • Oli is a very chipper light green car. First appearance in "Tayo and Bongbong", and named for the first time in "Who is cooler?".
  • Carry is a vehicle transporter akin to a mother or baby-sitter for Bongbong and three other cars.
  • Champ is a turquoise countryside land rover.
  • Cooku is a white and blue countryside bus.
  • Toni is a little truck who obeys traffic laws and likes to teach other cars about traffic laws. In the episode "I Want New Tires", he was so busy teaching other cars about traffic laws that he got late delivering Tayo's new tires to the garage.
  • Alice is an ambulance who works in a hospital who likes to work with Frank when there is a fire.
  • Frank is a fire truck who works with Alice when there is a fire. He is serious about his job.
  • Big is a big container truck who delivers goods to the airport to be sent overseas.
  • Billy is a bulldozer who works at the construction site with Poco, Chris, and Max.
  • Poco is an excavator who works at the construction site with Billy, Chris, and Max.
  • Chris is a cement truck who works at the construction site with Billy, Poco, and Max.
  • Max is a dump truck who works at the construction site with Billy, Poco, and Chris.
  • Met is a subway train who knows about everything - in "Rogi's Hiccups" he showed this by helping Rogi to stop hiccupping.
  • Nana is a bus living on the countryside with Cooku, and Champ. She first appeared in the episode "Nana Visits the City".
  • Wondie is an old blue bus who was scrapped a year before the first season.
  • Ractor is a red tractor who lives in the countryside with Cooku, Champ and Nana.
  • Rubby is a cleaning car. She first appears in "A New Playground".
  • Iracha is a pick-up truck. He's been making mistakes, now he knows that he is more careful, and runs on time, like Toni show him how.
  • Tramy is a shy tram.
  • Kinder is pre-school bus who lacks self-confidence.
  • Sky is a tower.

Guest characters[edit]

  • Joey is a magician who appears in the episode "Joey the Magician".
  • Fire Ball is a superhero who appears in the episode "Nuri Is a Superstar". He is also disguised as the Car Thief.
  • Princess Ray is the princess of Planet Clover and is always being chased by Bully. She appeared in the episodes "Tayo's Space Adventure", "Tayo's Space Adventure Part 1, "Tayo's Space Adventure Part 2", "Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1" and "Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2".
  • Bully is a space pirate and a main antagonist who appeared in the episodes "Tayo's Space Adventure", "Tayo's Space Adventure Part 1, "Tayo's Space Adventure Part 2", "Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1" and "Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2". He also has a son called "Woolly" and some henchmen.
  • Reo is a superstar car who has many fans. He first appeared in "Gani the Superstar."
  • Andy is a painter that paints flowers on the bus route list. He is the main scribbler painter, but in the end he painted on the buildings. He appeared in the episode "The Perfect Duo, Rookie and Pat".


At a Vietnamese seminar for addressing the struggles of the Vietnamese animation industry, Korean animators named Tayo the Little Bus as a series that has been "dominating" the Korean market. These animators also noted that the series is popular in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.[5]

Cultural impact[edit]

Route 9401 bus that received Gani wrap

In 2014, the Seoul Metropolitan Government commissioned buses designed as the characters Tayo, Gani, Rogi, and Lani, to run around the Gwanghwamun Square area of the city. This was done as part of an initiative to teach children how to use the bus. The initiative was a massive success, drawing crowds of over 40,000 in a single day. People from all across the country came to see the buses. Although the buses were originally set to run from March 26 until Public Transport Day at the end of April, their popularity led to an extension until Children's Day on May 5. The number of buses was also expanded from the original four to 100. In wake of this success, the local governments of other cities in South Korea have considered adopting the campaign.[6] Although officials for the city of Seoul initially opposed this, on copyright grounds,[7] they consented in April to letting other cities use the characters for non-commercial purposes.[2]

Jaeyeon Woo of The Wall Street Journal's blog Korea Real Time, speculated in an April 2014 article that the success of this initiative led both of Gyeonggi Province's gubernatorial candidates, Kim Sang-gon and Nam Kyung-pil, to adopt public transportation issues as a key part of their campaign platforms. Seoul-mayor Park Won-soon, who began the initiative, has been criticized by some of his political rivals, who feel that he took credit for the series, even though the series was begun by his predecessor's administration.[2]

On October 16, 2014, a South Korean group called the Teen Astronauts, launched a space balloon designed as the character Tayo from the Space Science Park in Korea's National Science Museum.[8]


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