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Tayo the Little Bus
루돌프 타요.JPG
GenreChildren, comedy
Written byChoi Jong-il
Directed byKim, Min-sung
Voices of(S1-2) Robyn Slade - Tayo
Nolan Balzer - Rogi
Kami Desilets - Lani
Heather Madill - Narrator
Kerri Salki - Gani
(S3-onwards) Carol Tyler - Tayo
Aidan Williams - Rogi
Eva Davis - Lani
Ginger Hendricks - Gani
Narrated byUnknown
Opening themeTayo the Little Bus
Ending themeVroom, Vroom, Vroom!
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
English (dubbed)
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes104 (+25 for Season 5)
Running time11 minutes per episode
Production company(s)Iconix Entertainment, Educational Broadcasting System, Seoul Metropolitan Government
DistributorEducational Broadcasting System
The Walt Disney Company
Original networkEducational Broadcasting System
Disney Junior
Original releaseAugust 23, 2010 (August 23, 2010) –
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Tayo the Little Bus (Hangul꼬마버스 타요; RRKkoma-beoseu Tayo) is a South Korean computer animated television series created by Iconix Entertainment, Educational Broadcasting System and the Metropolitan Government of Seoul.[1] The show was produced with the help of Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon's administration.[2] It began airing in South Korea on EBS in 2010, and an English-dubbed version of the series began airing on Disney Junior (Asia) in 2012, with Disney Junior (Australia and New Zealand) following in 2013. In the United States and Canada, Hulu is the exclusive distributor of the series,[3] though the second season is on Netflix. Each episode in the start, middle, and end features a brief narration and it has 5 seasons. A sister series to Tayo, known as "Titipo Titipo", premiered between Tayo's fourth season & the recently premiered fifth season. "Titipo Titipo" focuses on a young train named Titipo, along with all his train friends. After the end of Titipo's first season, Tayo's fifth season also premiered for English-dubbed version on October 22, 2018.

The series is available in Korean, English, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, German and Russian on the production company's Tayo YouTube channel.[4]


Season 1[edit]

Episode No. Title
1"A Day in the Life of Tayo"
Tayo is nervous as he goes to take the city bus license exam. He overcomes his nervousness with Nuri the taxi's moral support and passes the exam with flying colors. He follows a double-decker bus Cito to his new home, the garage. Tayo meets Speedy on the way, who lures him into a race on the riverside road. Speedy ends up having an accident and gets towed away. The police, Pat and Rookie, let Tayo off with a warning and he follows Cito back home. Tayo receives a warm welcome from all the buses at the garage and spends a happy first night in his new home.
2"Tayo gets lost"
Cito gives Tayo a tour of the garage. From the repair shop to the car wash to the training center, Tayo finds everything fascinating and fun. Tayo is left by himself when Cito and Rogi go off to work. Curious about the city, Tayo leaves the garage but ends up getting lost. The buses set out on a search for Tayo but to no avail. In the end, Tayo is reunited with his friends thanks to Rookie and Pat and safely returns home.
3"Tayo's First Drive"
Tayo is chosen as the substitute when a bus breaks down, and he makes mistake after mistake, becoming discouraged, though Lani encourages him
4"Good Friends"
Tayo can't wait to start working. Cito notices his earnestness and suggests Rogi take Tayo along to work. However, Tayo keeps getting distracted and gets Rogi in trouble. To make things worse, Rogi breaks down and becomes immobilized. Tayo offers to help Rogi finish his rounds by hauling him. Although uneasy, Rogi decides to trust Tayo and lets him take the lead. The two help each other out to finish the rounds and become the best of friends.
5"Afraid of the Dark"
Rogi's scary story about the Legendary Ghost Car causes Lani to have a nightmare and become scared of the dark. She mistakes Big for the legendary vehicle while passing through a dark tunnel the next day. Luckily, the misunderstanding is quickly sorted out and the two safely leave the tunnel. And when Lani returns to the garage, Rogi and Tayo confess to her that the story is not real. Although Lani gets angry, she brightens up after seeing the shadow play that Tayo and Rogi prepare for her. She is no longer scared of the dark.
6"Thanks, Cito!"
Cito the tour bus is hard at work as always, driving tourists around. Curious about whether the young buses are doing well, he checks up on them whenever he can. Cito spends a busy day helping the buses: Lani, who couldn't change lanes because of other cars; Big, who was stuck in a road under construction; Rogi, who was helping Big out; and Tayo, who was put in danger because of an old truck. It's a tiring day for Cito, but the thanks he receives from the young buses makes it all worthwhile.
7"Let's All Get Along"
Tayo and Rogi have a fight about who's going to wash first and they leave for work without making up. Meanwhile, a new truck causes a severe traffic jam when he drops the chickens he was transporting on a street downtown. Tayo and Rogi feel awkward when they get stuck in traffic next to each other. They both want to make up, but don't have the courage to do so. All of a sudden, a chicken appears before them. Rookie asks them to catch the chicken and they go after the chicken together. Tayo and Rogi succeed in catching the chicken with their fine team work and they promise never to fight again.
8"I Want New Tires"
Tayo is envious of Rogi's new tires. He becomes excited when Hana tells Tayo that his new tires are on the way. However, Toni, who was on the way to deliver Tayo's tires to the garage, gets distracted warning cars about keeping the traffic laws and forgets to make the delivery. Tayo returns home after work anticipating his new tires, but he's let down when he hears that the tires haven't arrived yet. Tayo and his friends wait all night for Toni. Finally, Lani and Toni appear with Tayo's new tires. Toni apologizes for being late, but Tayo is just glad to finally have new tires.
9"Our New Friend, Gani"
A new red bus called Gani joins the buses at the garage. Gani was made with the memory chip from Wondie, a veteran bus who was Hana's close friend. Tayo is glad to have a new friend and shows Gani around the garage. Although Tayo wanted to teach the newcomer all that he knows, Gani turns out to be better at everything than Tayo. He even teaches Tayo a downtown route that he wasn't aware of. After they return to the garage, Tayo tells Hana that there's something weird about Gani. Hana just laughs it away and says that Gani is no different from any other young bus.
10"Hana and Gani"
Hana feels traces of her old friend Wondie in Gani, the new bus. Curious if Gani shares Wondie's memories, Hana volunteers to help Gani in driving practice. Unfortunately, Gani turns out to be awkward at everything. Wondering if she had jumped to conclusions, Hana accompanies Gani downtown. However, Gani acts just like Wondie as he helps people in need and acts like he remembers Hana and Wondie's memories together. Hana finally understands Gani's secret. He is indeed new bus, but he also has some of Wondie's old memories.
11"I Want to Go on a Picnic!"
Tayo becomes envious when Rogi goes off on a picnic. Speedy suggests a picnic with him and Toto but unfortunately, Tayo has to work. Tayo lies about being sick the next day and gives all his work to Gani so that he can go on a picnic with Speedy and Toto. The three of them come across a broken down car on their picnic. Toto acts responsibly although it is his day off, and tows the car to the repair shop. Tayo regrets lying about being sick and resolves to never to neglect his work again.
12"Let's Be Friends"
Shine, a luxury car, enjoys the attention he gets from all the young buses when he visits the repair shop in the garage. However, his pride is hurt when Tayo appears with bubbles and steals away all the attention. Shine follows Tayo around acting all important, only to be humiliated in the end. He gets stuck on a road while trying to impress Tayo by driving on a road under construction. To make matters worse, Shine runs out of fuel and faints. Shine regains consciousness at the sound of Tayo calling him. It had seemed like Tayo had deserted him, but Tayo had actually gone to call Toto to rescue Shine. The two of them become good friends.
13"Nuri is a Superstar"
Nuri is always up to help people when they need a quick ride! On the other day, Nuri was lucky enough to give a ride to a star from FIRE BALL!!!!!! Can you believe it? And we don't want to tell you all secrets, but it looks like someone is going to be a superstar! Nuri the taxi promises to watch a TV show called ‘Fireball the Superhero’ with the buses in the garage. Nuri works hard as always, driving her passengers to their destinations as well as helping people out. A suspicious looking passenger gets in the taxi on Nuri's way to the garage. The passenger turns out to be Fireball in disguise, hiding from his hard core fans! Nuri kindly takes Fireball to his destination and ends up on the show with him. All the young buses envy Nuri when they see her on the show.
14"Rogi's Hiccups"
Rogi gets greedy and drinks all the new engine oil when Hana is not looking. He starts hiccupping and it hinders his work. Worried, Tayo takes Rogi to the knowledgeable subway train "Met" in hopes that he'll know how to stop the hiccups. Met blows his horn to scare Rogi and it works. Rogi stops hiccupping. Rogi confesses to Tayo that he hogged the new engine oil and asks for forgiveness. Tayo consoles Rogi and their friendship becomes even stronger.
15"Hana's Day Out"
The young buses cheer when Cito and Hana tell them they'll be out of town for a day. The buses have always wanted to stay up, playing until late in the night. The night comes, but Cito and Hana are not there to make them go to bed. The buses stay up playing hide-and-seek, watching TV, and practicing driving. Gani goes over the repair shop, dizzy from too much driving practice. He's soon joined by Tayo and Rogi as they play hide-and-seek, as well as Lani, who is angry about not being able to watch TV because of those two. The repair shop becomes a mess and Gani's life is put in danger. The young buses don't know what to do. It's a relief when Hana and Cito appear suddenly to fix the problem. The young buses clean up the repair shop with Hana.
16"The Best Heavy Equipment"
Hana sends Tayo on an errand to a construction site. There, Tayo meets heavy machinery and gets excited, making the vehicles bicker about who is cooler. They decide to hold a contest to settle the matter, with Tayo as their judge. However, Tayo gives them weird quizzes and embarrassing assignments to carry out. The last assignment, knocking down barrels with tires, leads to havoc when the atmosphere becomes overheated and the construction walls get knocked down, creating a mess on the nearby roads. The vehicles quickly act together to restore things as they were. Everyone realizes that heavy machinery is coolest when cooperating with each other.
17"Joey, the Magician"
Joey the Traveling Magician's show is scheduled to take place at the garage. Under Nuri's direction, Joey waits for Tayo at the number 17 bus stop to get to the garage. However, Tayo doesn't know this fact and skips that bus stop to return to the garage quickly, hoping to see the show from the front row. Tayo hurries to the bus stop when Nuri tells him that Joey is still there, waiting for him. Joey, who was showing a magic trick to a young girl, accepts Tayo's apology for being late and puts on a successful show.
18"Frank and Alice Are Awesome!"
Tayo and Rogi invite Frank and Alice to the garage after being awed by seeing them act during a fire. The young buses expect to have a fun time with Frank and Alice, whom they look up to. However, the buses are disappointed when the two just nag them, stopping them from acting as the buses like. All of a sudden, a fire breaks out in the repair shop. Frank and Alice immediately put out the fire and rescue Hana, which makes the young buses look up to them once more.
19"Lani's Misunderstanding"
As Lani starts her job in the bus garage, she worries that how Cito thinks about her and her job performance. And Lani's thought leads to misunderstanding. Oh Lani, you're doing awesome and we hope you know that! Cito is proud of Lani for always doing her best in everything. However, Lani doesn't know how Cito feels about her and instead gets mad at him because of various misunderstandings. It's the final straw when Cito scolds Lani for failing her regular exam. Lani goes off to work angry and refuses to go home. She wanders around from place to place, visiting the fire station and a construction site. In the end, Lani runs out of gas and becomes immobilized. She trembles with fear on a deserted road when Cito suddenly appears. As Cito talks to her and hauls her back home, Lani realizes that she had misunderstood Cito and that he is a friend like no other.
20"Make Up, Frank and Alice"
Alice lets Tayo get a checkup first before going to work. Later on, Tayo sees Frank and Alice fighting because of her tardiness. Tayo, blaming himself for their fight, comes up with an idea with his friends to help them make up. Tayo goes to Alice with Gani, who is disguised as Frank, and tells her Frank wants to apologize. He goes to Frank with Toni, who is disguised as Alice, and tells him Alice wants to apologize. Unfortunately, Gani makes a mistake and their plan is revealed. Tayo and his friends get scolded. However, Frank and Alice do become friends again thanks to Tayo's plan.
21"Tayo's Space Adventure"
Tayo's head is full of space travel as he goes to bed after watching a meteor shower with his friends. Hana wakes Tayo up and equips him with rockets that will allow him to fly into space. While traveling, Tayo meets Ray, a princess who is running away from Bully the Space Pirate. Tayo manages to give Bully the slip after a close chase and safely takes Princess Ray to Planet Clover. The princess gives Tayo a sticker of a clover in return. Tayo runs out of rocket fuel on his way back to Earth and falls from the sky. He wakes up in bed, startled. Tayo thinks everything was a dream, but there's a clover sticker stuck to his body.
22"Speeding is Dangerous"
While driving riverside with Tayo, Speedy and Shine decide to have a race after bickering about who's the faster of the two. Their race is stopped by Rookie and Pat as they scold Speedy and Shine for driving dangerously over the speed limit. Next, the two decide to race against the high speed train when Met tells them that the train is the fastest vehicle in the world. Shine lets his ambition get the better of him and undergoes illegal engine remodeling to improve his chances of winning. However, his engine breaks down and puts him in danger. Speedy asks Pat and Rookie for help and risks incurring their wrath. In the end, Speedy and Shine promise the police that they will not take part in dangerous races anymore.
23"Lani's Day Off"
Lani leaves early in the morning for a picnic on her day off. She meets a broken down preschool bus on the way and offers to pick up the preschoolers instead of the bus. Meanwhile, Tayo and Rogi talk about the fun they imagine Lani must be having on her picnic, when she's actually having a hard time because of the mischievous children. Lani finally arrives at the preschool, tired from the day's work. But she feels it was all worthwhile when the children thank her and she returns to the garage feeling happy.
24"My Job's the Hardest"
Tayo, Rogi and Lani get into a fight over who has the toughest round at work. They follow Gani's suggestion of switching rounds and the three do their best on each others' routes. However, they all end up making the passengers unhappy. On the way back home they meet Gani, who is broken down on the road. Gani's passengers ask them to finish his rounds for them and the three recommend each other as the best bus for the job. Now that they understand that they all have different strengths, the young buses promise to never fight again.
25"Gani is Sick"
A truck sneezes and covers Gani with exhaust fumes on Gani's way back to the garage. Gani becomes scared of shots when he sees the truck getting a painful shot of engine cleaning fluid. The next day, Gani runs off to work when he hears that the young buses are getting shots as well. Gani doesn't feel well while doing his rounds and eventually faints on the road. Luckily, he manages to avoid an accident thanks to Hana and Tayo. Back in the repair shop, Gani receives a shot of engine cleaning fluid and promises Hana that he will not run away from shots.
26"Tayo is the Best"
Tayo decides to take part in the talent show on the annual Bus Day festival. He puts in a lot of time and effort practicing for it. Tayo helps out a lost child and a pregnant woman on the way back home from work and runs late. He returns to an empty garage, too late for the talent show and the festivities. Suddenly the lights on the stage come on and Tayo is welcomed by his friends. Tayo has been chosen as Bus of the Year! As his friends congratulate him, Tayo pledges to always help others and do his best in everything.

Season 2[edit]

Episode No. Title
27"Tayo and Bongbong"
Carry the car carrier truck drops Bongbong the baby van by mistake. Tayo finds Bongbong all alone and offers to take Bongbong on a tour of the city. They have fun together while Tayo teaches Bongbong about the traffic rules. Tayo takes a real liking to cute Bongbong and invites him to the garage. Meanwhile, Carry finally realizes that Bongbong is missing and goes to look for him. However, Bongbong and Carry keep missing each other.
28"The perfect duo, Rookie and Pat"
Upon finding a bus stop covered in graffiti one day, Rookie and Pat decide to investigate. But conflict arises as Rookie wants to use cutting-edge technology while Pat insists they patrol on foot. Caught up in their argument, they lose the culprit. Unwilling to give up their respective methods of investigation, Rookie and Pat get into a huge fight, then decide to look for the culprit separately. Will Rookie and Pat be able to catch the culprit?
29"Gani the Teacher!"
Gani stands in for Citu as a one-day teacher introducing what a bus does to kindergarten students. The heavy vehicles and cool cars like patrol car Pat and fire engine Frank all gather at the education center to participate as a one-day teacher. Gani becomes timid as he listens to the heavy vehicles, Pat, Frank, and Alice all introduce their jobs confidently. But after some encouragement from Hana, he decides to do his best. When it's Gani's turn, the children start booing him because it seems like what he does is common and plain compared to the other cars. Gani ends his demonstration in disaster.
30"I will help you, Big!"
Toni is on his usual delivery route when he meets Tayo and gets invited to the garage. In his hurry to finish up his work and go play at the garage, Toni accidentally delivers a child's toy to the wrong house. Big hears about this mistake from the child's father and tells Toni that he made a wrong delivery. Then he goes to deliver the toy himself instead of Toni. On his way back, Big gets stuck in a narrow road because of his big frame.
31"Please Pick Me"
Nuri had been humiliated at a singing contest she entered with Speed at a taxi get-together. This time she decides to enter with Tayo who can sing well. Suddenly, Rogi imposes himself on them, saying he wants to go, too. But Nuri can't go to the get-together with Rogi who has a terrible singing voice. So Nuri makes up an excuse and starts to practice songs with Tayo. Rogi's pride is hurt, so he keeps on disrupting their practice sessions. Will Nuri be able to get to the taxi get-together safe and sound?
32"A New Playground"
While on their route, Tayo and Rogi save the garbage truck, Rubby, from trouble. Later, they discover an old parking lot by chance and have such fun playing there that they return to the garage late. Tayo and Rogi are dirty from playing in the old and dusty parking lot. Hana and Citu scold them and tell them they are not allowed to play in the dirty old parking lot again. Incidentally, Rubby learns that Tayo and Rogi can't play in the old parking lot anymore and feels bad about it. He starts to think of what he can do for them.
33"Nana Visits the City"
By chance, Tayo saves Nana who was in trouble. Nana lives in the country and she's visiting the city. So when Tayo shows her around the city in a very skillful manner, Nana thinks that Tayo is the boss of the buses. Tayo feels good upon hearing someone call him, "boss," so he doesn't deny it, and then parts ways with Nana. But after Tayo gets back to the garage from his route, he sees Nana with the other little buses. Afraid that the others will know he had boasted to Nana, he quickly takes her out of the garage. Nana says that she wants to go to City Tower, a place she's never been before. Tayo heads toward City Tower, not knowing what to do, because he doesn't want Nana to find out that he had lied about being the boss.
34"Nuri's Worst Day"
All morning, Nuri encounters unfortunate events until eventually, she gets in an accident. While getting repaired, she learns that the little buses are going to ride a cruise ship today. Nuri wants to ride a cruise ship, too, but becomes disappointed when she learns that there is no more space available. Hana gives Nuri a necklace as a gift to cheer her up. Nuri first doesn't believe it, but after she wears the lucky necklace, everything starts to go well for her like magic. Nuri becomes excited about the effects of the lucky necklace. But then, Nuri drops her necklace, and on her way to retrieving it, she gets trapped in a dark place.
35"The Treasure is Mine"
One day, Tayo finds a treasure map in the storehouse. Greedy for the treasure, each of the little buses try to secretly find the treasure on their own. After pretending to go somewhere else, they each look for the treasure to no avail. They realize that they deceived one another and get into a fight. With Citu's advice, they find out where the treasure is buried. Everyone races toward the place where the treasure is supposedly hidden. When they finally find the treasure chest and are about to open it, Rookie shows up because he was trying to catch them for speeding earlier. After listening to the little buses explain, Rookie opens the treasure chest. What can be in the treasure chest?
36"Rogi the Detective"
One day, Lani accidentally breaks the car wash. Afraid she'll get scolded, she keeps it a secret. Meanwhile, Rogi declares he'll find the culprit who broke the car wash and, acting like a detective, starts asking the little buses a lot of questions. Lani can't answer Rogi's questions straight away and gets suspected of being the culprit. But with Tayo's help, she is able to leave the garage safe and sound. Seeing Tayo do that, Rogi starts to think Tayo is the culprit. Rogi's preposterous investigation now begins.
37"Rogi's Special Guest"
One day, Rogi brags about the rubbish he's collected to the little buses. But the other little buses get angry at him because the rubbish is so dirty. The next day on his route, Rogi meets a camping car named Windy who has the same taste as he does. Rogi feels close to Windy who says that he travels the whole world freely, so he invites him to the garage. Meanwhile, the little buses who are now regretting getting angry at Rogi decide to apologize to him. But Rogi is busy hanging out with Windy. Tayo, who was waiting until late at night to apologize to Rogi, decides to find Rogi before he goes to bed. But strangely, he's not in the garage. Where could Rogi have gone?
38"The Leader of the Playground"
Accidents keep happening on the parking lot playground. So Hana decides to elect a playground leader to maintain order on the playground. Lani, Toni, and Speed are all vying for the position, and with Rubby somehow thrown into the mix, suddenly, there are four candidates who want to be the leader. The next day, the candidates start campaigning. Lani, Speed and Toni have thoroughly prepared and deliver very polished speeches. However, Rubby doesn't have time to prepare a speech because he has too much cleaning work to do, so he ends up giving a very simple speech. Who will be elected the leader of the playground?
39"Cito's Secret"
Cito always helps the little buses, but he is also sometimes strict. The little buses feel a bit uncomfortable around Cito because he always looks like he knows what he's doing. They think Cito is an entirely different kind of being. Then one day, Booba, the grandfather bus who was Cito's predecessor, arrives. Seeing Cito become flustered in Booba's presence, the little buses are dumbfounded. Booba tells the little buses stories of Cito's childhood.
40"Lani the Princess"
The princess of a neighboring country visits Tayo's city, and upon seeing her, Lani desires to become a princess as well. Realizing that she can never become a princess, Lani starts to become ill. To cheer Lani up, Hana suggests that the little buses treat Lani like a princess for one day. The little buses start to treat her like a princess, being at her beck and call. But since the little buses are unaccustomed to Lani acting like a princess, they eventually get angry with her. Disappointed with the little buses, Lani runs away from the garage.
41"Tayo the Grown-up"
Tayo is envious of the grown-up buses who can drive around until late at night and can sleep in until late in the morning. By chance, Tayo helps a grandmother car, Wizard car who turns out to be a wizard. She says she'll grant him one wish. Tayo uses his wish to become a grown-up. Tayo is happy that he can now play until late at night. But the good feeling doesn't last long. Tayo realizes the responsibilities he must take on as a grown-up bus and begins to get exhausted.
42"Tiny Tayo"
Hana invents a machine that can shrink anything. Hana strictly tells Tayo not to touch the machine, but Tayo, who is full of curiosity, touches the machine anyway and gets hit by a mysterious ray. The ray shrinks him into a tiny toy bus. Just then, Rookie and his nephew, Jinnie, visit the garage. Jinnie, who's been carrying around a toy bus, thinks that Tayo is her toy bus and takes him home with her. Will Tayo be able to return to the garage and get back to his normal size again?
43"Tayo's Space Adventure part 1"
On the day people say shooting stars will fall, Tayo thinks of Princess Ray of the Clover planet. That night, Tayo and the little buses wake to the sound of Princess Ray's voice calling them from afar. The little buses hear Princess Ray's request for help because she's been captured by Bully. So they decide to travel out into space to save her. The little buses blast off into space with the space rockets Hana made for them attached to their bodies. The little buses' adventure to save Princess Ray now begins!
44"Tayo's Space Adventure part 2"
Tayo infiltrates Bully's castle with Quick and finally meets Princess Ray. But when he's about to escape the prison with Princess Ray, the prison gates suddenly close and Tayo is now also trapped in the prison. It turns out that it was Quick's plan all along to capture Tayo and the little buses. Bully is now triumphant about catching Princess Ray and Tayo. Will Tayo and Princess Ray be able to escape Bully's prison?
45"It's Hard to Behave"
As always, Speed and Shine once again wreck the downtown roads while racing each other at breakneck speed. Rookie and Pat become angry and order them to do something good and receive a stamp. Upon learning that if they can't get a stamp, then they'll be banned from the roads, Speed and Shine hastily agree to help their friends. But since they've never done anything good in their lives, they end up messing up their friends' work.
46"Gani's Present"
One day, Gani gives Jerry, the neighborhood's most reckless troublemaker, a ride. Because of Jerry's mischief, Gani finds himself in tough spots every day. While contemplating on how to stop Jerry, Gani turns on the TV installed on the bus. Joey's Magic Show is on, and Jerry becomes immersed in the program, stops his antics, and sits quietly. After that day, Jerry promises to sit quietly on the bus as long as Gani shows him the Magic Show. Before they know it, Gani and Jerry become close friends, and Jerry tells Gani something about himself that he never told anyone before.
47"Air, the Brave Helicopter"
Air is a new rescue helicopter that has come to the fire station. Tayo is completely taken with Air after seeing him bravely save people, and asks him to become friends. The other little buses hear about Air and hope they can become friends with him, too. They try to approach Air, but small misunderstandings make them dislike Air. Will Air and the little buses be able to become friends?
48"Prank Call Madness"

Rogi hears about Frank and Alice who are stressed out because of prank calls, and vows to catch the culprit. He sets out as a self-appointed detective with Gani. The only lead is that the culprit has a deep male voice. With that clue, Rogi and Gani try to find the culprit.

But Rogi once again makes preposterous deductions and reasonings. A few days later, Rogi and Gani find out where the prank calls were made thanks to Rookie, and they plan a stakeout. Will Detective Rogi be able to catch the culprit this time?
49"A Frightful Night"
In the dead of the night, the heavy vehicles that were working at the old factory come to hear the story of the ghost car. All the heavy vehicles start to act like they're not bothered, saying there's no such thing as ghosts. But when they hear a ghost's cry from afar, they all run off in terror. The heavy vehicles that are now back at the garage feign illness because they don't want to go back to the factory. Tayo and Rogi become curious after hearing the ghost story and decide to go to the old factory.
50"Nana's Invitation"
The little buses and Hana are invited to the countryside by Nana. There they meet new friends Ractor, Champ, and Coco. Everyone is having a good time except Nana's childhood friend Coco who's upset that Nana seems to be praising Tayo all the time. Tayo and the other buses agree to help Ractor with a few things, but when Tayo repeatedly makes mistakes, Coco jumps at the opportunity to criticize him. But Nana only comforts Tayo more, which makes Coco get angrier. Because Coco keeps telling him off, Tayo slowly gets angry himself.
51"Tayo's First Snow Day"
On a cold winter day, the little buses are excited because they hear there's going to be snow, while Hana and Cito are worried about safety on the snowy roads. Hana and Cito earnestly tell the others that if it snows, they must come back to the garage and gear up with safety equipment. The next morning, Tayo decides to play at the playground for a while before he goes on his route. At that moment, snow starts to fall. Tayo is exhilarated and starts playing in the snow, losing track of time. He later discovers he's late for his route, and in a hurry to drive out, he begins his route without any safety equipment.
52"Hana's Special Day"
Hana, who's been working busily since the morning, finds out that she's all out of maintenance supplies. She looks for the little buses to buy the supplies, but for some reason, she can't find them anywhere. Hana is stumped because there are no cars she can ride out with. By chance, Nuri visits the garage, so Hana rides Nuri to get to the supply store.

Season 3[edit]

Episode No. Title
53"The New Friend, Heart"
Heart is a young girl car and she is only recently licensed. Just like any other cars new to the town, she has to go to the Auto Show to find her new family. But because of her small size compared to other bigger cars, she doesn't get chosen by anyone. Heart-broken and all alone, Heart runs into Hana, the mechanic, who is all dressed up for a day out.
54"We Are A Family"
Ever since Heart has become family with Tayo and his friends, Lani feels a little left out. One day, Heart receives a pretty siren as a gift from Hanna. Lani gets even more upset as Heart gets all the attention in the town. That evening, Heart's siren disappears! Where is it? All the little buses suspect Lani for it as she has been getting jealous at Heart. What do you guys think has happened to Heart's siren? Did Lani really take it?
55"Rogi the Sweeper"
Uh-oh! Rubby's vacuum pump breaks down while sweeping up the junk that Rogi has collected. With the broken vacuum pump, Rubby can not get his job done! Rogi, feeling responsible for the accident, is given the task to take over Rubby's job until the pump is fixed. Rubby goes on to enjoy his first holiday with his friends and Rogi is to work as a sweeper while Rubby is gone. Will Rogi be a good sweeper or not?
56"I Know It All"
Tayo believes that he is familiar with his daily routine and that there is nothing to worry about as he is all grown up! Tayo is tired of Hanna treating him as a kid and wants to prove to her that he is not a kid anymore. One day Carry asks Hanna a favor to babysit Bongbong and other baby cars. Tayo confidently offers to babysit the baby cars wanting to show Hana that he is all grown up. Will Tayo successfully take care of the baby cars until Carry gets back?
57"A School Day"
Tayo and the little buses are all geared up for their first day of school. On the driveway, Tayo runs into Teach who has just moved to the town. He finds out that Teach will be going to the same school he will go to. Excited to see a new friend, Tayo shows Teach around the town and then returns to the garage where he is told that the teachers at school will be very scary.
58"Cheer Up Frank"
Frank heads out to extinguish a fire on top of a skyscraper. While Frank is having trouble reaching the fire on the top story, Air appears and puts it out. From that day on Frank continues to train hard but ends up being distressed after failing again to extinguish a fire on a tall building.
59"A Weekend With Citu"
The little buses are upset of not being able to share any interesting stories to the class when everyone else shares stories of their fun weekend. Tayo and his friends ask Citu to take them somewhere fun for the weekend. Citu, who hasn't been able to spend much time with them, decides to take the weekend off and take them to the zoo.
60"Tayo's Promise"
Tayo breaks his promise to hang out with Duri. He feels sorry and makes another promise to Duri that he will let him ride with Frank or Pat. However, his promises constantly fall through due to unexpected incidents.
61"Gani The Super Star"
One day, the popular action star Reo comes to visit the town. On his way to the city center, Leo gets stuck to the railroad and Gani saves him! Gani gains fame as a brave bus that saved a superstar and even gets a personal manager for himself. But alternating between his work as a city bus and other press schedules constantly tires Gani.
62"Toto and Bongbong"
Bongbong rides on Toto's tow hook for fun and oh no, Bongbong gets stuck to Toto as the pintle breaks. Toto, already late for school, has no other choice but to take Bongbong along with him. Nevertheless, Toto contstantly gets into troubles because of Bongbong.
63"Laugh, Pat"
Pat always look around to make sure that all cars on the road are following the traffic rules and are driving safely. Well only to make sure everyone is safe! However, being the strict police car, the little buses and kindergartners get more and more scared of Pat. One day, a feather gets stuck to the back of Pat and he just can't control himself every time it tickles him.
64"We Are The Best With Each Other"
Speedy and Shine always cause troubles together. At school, Shine gets complimented along with Lani, Rubby, and Toto. Not only are they praised together but they also share a common color, yellow. The four of them quickly get close and spend most of their time together. On the other hand, Shine's best friend, Speed, feels left out when Shine only hangs out with his new friends.
65"Cooku & Champ's Trip To The City"
Cooku and Champ are visiting the town for the first time. Although Cooku has never been to the town before, she wants to show off that she knows everything. The two of them eventually end up in a weird, weird place. Where are they? And what will happen to them?
66"I Can't Sleep"
On her day-off, Lani spends the whole day taking a nap and can't sleep anymore. Instead, she watches tv all night. Next day, tired and super sleepy, Lani falls a sleep in class and just can't help falling a sleep during the day. What will she do?
67"I Want To Be Your Friend"
Speed meets Heart for the first time and he wants to be her friend too! Vroom, vroom! Speed and Shine are playing tag in the garage. Driving too fast, Speed's tires go flat. Heart and Hanna come to help Speed. Speed instantly gets attracted to Heart, the pretty and kind pink car. He plans to become friends with her but oh no, it seems like things are not going too well for him!
68"City Heroes, Tayo & Duri"
Tayo and Duri are watching a superhero movie on TV show and they are blown away by what super heroes can do. Tayo and Duri coincidentally help a friend and told that they are just like super heroes and the two are delighted! The next day, Tayo and Duri dress up just like the super heroes from the movie and roam around the town offering helps to the people in town.
69"We Are The Heavy-Duty Circus"

Joey the magician is having a "Joy's Magic Circus Show" with the world-renowned circus cars but it looks like the circus master can't make to the show anymore. Poco, Billy, Max and Chris are bored of their daily routine of work at the construction site.

During a short break after work, they perform some acrobatics and they are pretty good! Joy the Magician is impressed at what they can do and asks if they would like to be on his circus show. The four heavy duty vehicles accept Joy's offer to join him in the show.
70"The Best Mechanic"
One of Tayo's handles got broken and Hanna replaced with....what? Let's find out! Back in garage, Citu tells Tayo how he first met Hanna and how she became a mechanic. Tayo is upset after being emberrassed because of Hana's clumsiness. Citu tells Tayo how he first met Hana and how she became a mechanic.
71"I Want A Puppy"
Tayo finds a lost puppy. Despite Hana's warning that he shouldn't keep a puppy in the garage since it is too dangerous, Tayo can't let go of the cute puppy and bring him to the garage. In fact, he decides to keep it as a secret from Hana.
72"Ask Met Anything"

Tayo and his friends say that Rogi can be silly sometimes. Rogi goes to Met to ask for help because Met knows everything! Do you guys think that Met knows everything?

Let's find out! Rogi is made fun of at school because he gets the questions wrong and takes wrong roads to ride on. He goes to Met, the smartest of all and takes special lessons from him to get smarter. Rogi starts to gain recognition little by little with Met's help.
73"Poco's Flower"

Poco receives a flower seed as a gift from a girl that he helped. He does not take the tiny seed seriously at first but soon gets amazed of the growing sprout and becomes very fond of it.

Note: Tayo does not appear in this episode
74"Tayo's Christmas"
Jingle bells, jingle bells! It's Christmas time! Santa Claus is coming to town and he knows when you've been bad or good! Tayo is extremely excited for Christmas and especially for all those presents! Has Tayo been a good boy this year? What about you guys? Will Tayo get a Christmas present from Santa or not?
75"Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1"
Bully, the space pirate mistakes Hana for Princess Ray and comes to Earth and kidnaps Hanna instead. It looks like Bully and the gang has made a huge mess on Earth! The little buses all gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go on to rescue Hana.
76"Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2"
The little buses gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go to rescue Hana. Meanwhile, Hana fixes the wounds of Wooly, Bully's son, and discovers his warm-hearted nature. When the little buses arrive at Bully's castle, barely escaping his soldiers to enter it, they fall into Bully's trap. Will they be able to save Hana?
77"Somebody Help Us"
Tayo and Rogi are playing pass-a-tire by the riverside park and they get into an argument. As both of them get angry at one another, they keep throwing the tire at each other and eventually the tire drops into the river. They go to the floating platform to fetch the tire and in fact, the two drifts down the river as the tide waves. Tayo and Rogi panic and call Bongbong for help when he passes by. However, it seems like Bongbong has forgotten about them.
78"The Little Buses Sports Day"
Tayo and his friends are divided into Team Blue and Team White for the school Sports Day. Unlike Rogi who is teamed up with all the athletic friends, Tayo ends up in a team with Lani, Gani and others who aren't too good at sports. Rogi's team is as excited as if they had already won. Tayo and his team goes on a hard training session because Tayo doesn't want to lose! But no matter how hard they try, it seems like the winning team is already been decided.

Season 4[edit]

Episode No. Title
79"Nice To Meet You, Peanut"
The little buses become excited when they hear about a new friend joining them at the garage. Hana says the new friend's name is Peanut. Citu asks Tayo to go and greet the new bus. As Tayo wonders how Peanut would look like, he guesses that Peanut would be a curvy shape like peanut! Tayo gladly goes to pick up Peanut, but Tayo arrives late and Tayo and Peanut miss each other. In the meantime, Peanut wonders around the city following butterflies, flowers, and musicians and making it harder for Tayo to find him.
80"You Are Special"
Peanut, the new member at the garage, enthusiastically prepares for his first day of work and everyone expects a great job from him based on his outstanding driving skills when he practiced. However, Peanut finds it difficult to work as a city bus because of his personality and attitude. He loves to hear from everyone and give compliments to each and every passengers which led to leaving stops late. Even one time he left the route because he wanted to passengers to listen Jenny's song. As he continues working hard, he grows envious of Citu the tour bus. Peanut has the opportunity to temporarily fill in as a tour bus and go with Citu and Tayo to the mountain! Will he eventually becomes the tour bus? or town bus like Tayo, Rogi, Lani and Gani?
81"Please Believe Me"
As buses and cars go to school, it is important for them to be on time and arrive on class on time. As classes are going forward in this semester, they seem to find out that Iracha is getting late really often, like every time! So Ms. Teach gave Iracha a warning that he shouldn't be late again. As our little buses, Tayo, Rogi, Lani and Gani ask Iracha why he's being late so often. Iracha shares unbelievable things he saw on the street or he experienced on his way to school. Is all his stories are true? Or is Iracha is lying just because he wants to get out of trouble?!
82"The New Emergency Center"
A new emergency center building opens up and all members of the rescue team vehicles(Frank the Fire Truck, Alice the Ambulance, Pat the Police Car, Rookie the Police man) will live together in the same place. Much to the surprise of everyone, the members of the rescue team (brave vehicles) living together, isn’t as easy as working together. Pat’s siren wailing during his sleep, Frank’s water shooting practice in the front yard and Alice’s puppy make things very uncomfortable and everyone starts to avoid their roommates. This all changes when they are dispatched to a major fire incident that brings them all together!
83"Who Is The Real Tayo?"
One day Tayo becomes tired of work and wishes on a shooting star that there could be a second Tayo so he could get off from his work! The next morning, a fake Tayo who looks exactly like him, appears. The real Tayo leaves his work with to go out and play while fake Tayo take real Tayo's job. Shortly after enjoying his time off, real Tayo feels empty and goes back to work. Then, the fake Tayo pretends to be real and tells the real Tayo to go away. When the real and fake Tayo go back to the garage together, the real Tayo tells his friends that he is the real Tayo, but friends believe the fake Tayo is real and kick the real Tayo out. Will the real Tayo take back everything he had? Or the fake Tayo will take everything the real Tayo had?
84"Chris Wants Recognition"
Do you know Chris from our Strong Heavy Vehicles? Chris is the concrete mixer truck that always works hard at construction sites without any complaints. One day, he feels like he is not getting enough appreciation or recognition for his hard work. So, he decides to leave the construction site and meet with Frank the fire truck and Iracha the delivery truck in hopes of changing his job. Because he believes that changing his job will gain him more recognition from others. Will Chris eventually changes his job as fire engine or delivery tuck and leaves his construction site job as a concrete mixer truck? What do you think?
85"Rogi's Junk Treasure"

Hana can no longer ignore Rogi's garage that is full of junk and tells him to throw it all away.

Rogi loves all his belongings and decides to give everything away to his friends instead of throwing it all out.Unfortunately no one seems interested and Rogi is very disappointed. So, he decides to throw it all away. When the little buses heard that Rogi got pretty disappointed and decided to throw everything away, little buese went to cheer him up and go around the city telling everyone about the stuff Rogi is giving away. People and cars visit his garage and are delighted to find things they need and want.
86"Tayo Becomes a Police Officer"
On Police Day, Tayo gets to experience a day in the life of a police officer. As he always wish to be a hero, he hopes to take an active part on the job. So, Tayo becomes enthusiastic about finding a case to resolve. But, he eventually becomes depressed when he realizes that he keeps misunderstanding normal situations as illegal incidents. Later in the day, he finds Speed breaking the traffic rules because his brakes don't work. Tayo helps prevent a serious accident.
87"Trammy's First Day at Work"
Sky, a tram control center on a mountain, welcomes a new tram as his old train friend retires. A pretty little tram, Trammy, brings new excitement and expectation, but the shy and timid girl tram keeps making mistakes while working. Sky asks Citu to get the little buses to help Trammy get used to her work.
88"Who Is Cooler?"
Tayo and Rogi get to take care of Bongbong and Oli on Carry's request. Tayo is Bongbong’s idol and Oli is Rogi’s. They start to argue about who is cooler and better at everything. Tayo and Rogi end up continuously competing with each other because of the baby cars. Bongbong and Oli ask Tayo and Rogi to bring a wheel out of a blocked tunnel, which results in them having to go into the tunnel as well.
89"Mountain Ghost Incident"
One night when Lani is driving near the mountainside, she finds a ghost-like glowing object. She told herself it's not the ghost but she couldn't hide her curiosity. When Lani told the little buses that she saw a ghost-like glowing object, the little buses do not believe it at first. But little buses become scared when they visit the mountain together and see it. Then later, when Peanut hears it, he wants to avoid night shifts. The little buses find the courage and together they chase the mountain ghost away. But, will they send away the ghost? After all, is it the real ghost or is it just the ghost glowing object?
90"Trammy's Secret"
The little buses think that Trammy has a special way of seeing their every move because she knows everything that has happened to them without having them telling her about it. One day they secretly break their promise to Hana, and they try to stop Trammy and Hana from meeting each other.
91"Peanut's Misunderstanding"
Peanut and the little buses finish work early and decide to have a picnic on the mountain. Lani doesn’t join them and Peanut thinks that she is angry about it. Peanut tries really hard to make Lani feel better and eventually takes her, on her own, to the mountain.
92"We Love Fairy Tales"
The little buses become bored when their TV stops working. As Hana tries to entertain the little buses, she makes up a fairy tale that takes the buses on an adventure to a magical land in the clouds. This magical land, where there is engine oil that can help treat Gani who is very sick.The buses get into a competition about who should get the precious oil. Will buses get to take the precious oil to help sick Gani to get better? Let's get down to business!
93"Asura the Little Wizard"
While the little buses are at the playground, a mysterious magic spell starts teasing them. A little wizard called Asura, who is causing the trouble for the little buses with his magic, ends up losing his wand while being chased by them. Asura and the little buses try to find the wand together and become closer as time goes. Asura always wanted to make friends and finally gets to learn how to do it through them.
94"The Best Detective"
As one of Duri's friends lost her teddy bear named 'Teddy', Rogi says he can find the teddy bear and while Tayo doubts that Rogi wouldn't find it, Rogi proudly finds the teddy bear. After, Rogi decides that he would work as a detective in town to help others. He finds hats and glasses and takes Bongbong as his assistant. Will Rogi be finally be the best detective in town and help others? Or just make everything confused?
95"Give Me Courage"
During a fire drill at school, little buses and cars are trying a lot of activities to learn safety. When it's Lani's turn, Lani gets very scared and confused. Even though she is very upset with herself for not being more confident, when Lucy asks help, Lani doesn’t hesitate to help Lucy who has run out of fuel. As a token of her appreciation, Lucy gives Lani a wheel of courage. With the help of the wheel of courage, Lani becomes brave enough to do things she usually doesn’t have the confidence to do. There is a fire at a construction site and Lani learns that there is a cat trapped inside the building. As she learns that she can do anything, she's not scared of anything anymore!
96"Tayo Goes To the Countryside"
Tayo fills in for Cooku and confidently starts working in the countryside. His new route is filled with obstacles such as passengers who require extra waiting time and a cow that blocks his way. He finishes his day exhausted by all the unexpected events, and wants to take a rest at a garage. Unfortunately he is interrupted by a request from the townspeople and that wears him out even more. On top of this, he is trapped in a mud puddle on his way back to the garage.
97"We Are All Friends"
The new student, Kinder, wants to be friends with everybody in class and in the whole school! As Kinder tries to make new friends, Tayo volunteers to help him make friends. While Tayo helps out Kinder, Kinder starts to copy how Tayo acts in front of his friends. All other friends starts to feel awkward and weird when Kinder copies Tayo and it gives wrong images of Kinder to classmates.
98"Kinder's Field Trip"
Kinder, a kindergarten bus, becomes shocked to learn that he is not on the student’s favorite car list. Because he's new at school and he always wants to make new friends and believed that he's already a good friend of students! When he hears there is a field trip being scheduled, he prepares a perfect day so students eventually will love him when he takes them to the field trip to the mountain. As the students visit different places, they become interested in other cars, which makes Kinder feels isolated. In the end, he breaks down on his way to the show where he ambitiously planned to impress them. Will Kinder be a good friend with kindergarten students? Kinder, you're amazing the way you are! You don't have to try too hard to make friends or to impress people!
99"Citu's Secret Playground"

Citu and Hana go away for a day to participate in their volunteer activities. The little buses got excited because they thought their will be no one to tell them what to do! So, they could decide to stay up late and become even more excited when they learn that there will be a meteor shower and shooting stars that very night. Little buses invited all of their bus and car friends to the bus garage to see a meteor shower and play all night long! However, Booba arrives at the garage to take care of the little buses and they don’t think he will allow them to go and watch the shooting stars.

So, little buses make a plan to secretly leave the garage when he falls asleep.
100"Thank You, Ms. Teach!"
Mischievous little cars, Speed and Shine, keep causing trouble at school. Teach tries to fix their behavior by making them clean classrooms and run errands. This leads to even more mischief that results in Teach defending them when Rookie and Pat pay her a visit at school. Speed and Shine are touched by Teaches trust in them and try their best to meet her expectations.
101"A Day with Booba"
Citu, Hana and Peanut goes far away and the little buses tought, they are alone. But after they invited some cars Booba came in. The buses was angry at first, but they had fun at the end of the day.
102"A Present for Hana"

The little buses realize that Hana continues to work without any breaks because of endless cars that need repair.

As Hana decides to take a break for few days and getting ready to leave, Police car Pat and Police man Rookie rushes through the garage and asks Hana for help. Hana quickly hesitant but she leaves to fix and repair cars instead going on a break. As the little buses feel sorry for Hana that she couldn't go on a vacation, they invite her to go on a camping trip that they create. Tayo and Rogi start working on getting the supplies for the trip, Lani and Gani try to help Hana complete her work early.
103"Duri's Homework"
Because Duri is so busy having fun during his summer break he doesn’t have enough time to do any of his homework, so he asks Tayo for help. But, Tayo is too busy to help so he asks Rogi to help Duri. Rogi tries his best to help Duri's homeowrk, but ends up making a mess of everything. Duri is very disappointed. He tells Rogi that Tayo would have done a much better job. This inspires Rogi to work much harder and fix all the mistakes he made.
104"The Little Buses' Play"
When the little buses hear that there will be a talent show at the mountainside during a town festival, the garage family prepares a play, "The Boy who Cried Wolf". Everyone excitedly gets ready rehearsing and trying on costumes. Finally the big day comes, and they nervously watch great performance of others while waiting for their turn on the stage.

Season 5[edit]

Episode No. Title
105"Emergency Dispatch! Tayo and Gani"
Tayo and Gani become fire engine. Have you ever imagined our little buses become fire trucks? Anyhow, they thought they would do an amazing job but putting down fire in emergency situations isn't easy!
106"Rogi's Extraordinary Challenge"
When Rogi wants to be on TV, Rogi had a extraorinary challenge!
107"The Cello's Owner"
A cellist named Hans is nervous to be on stage, so Peanut has to help him get used to it.
108"A Fantastic Pair"
Speed and Shine are the best friends in the city. As they promised to stick together, Shine tries to become a model and goes to try the contest. The good news is the winner gets to go aboard and be a vehicle model. But Speed gets sad that Shine might go aboard. Will a fantastic pair stay together?
109"Tayo And Titipo's Race"
Tayo and Titipo are having a race, but Hana explains that buses and trains do not race.
110"New Rescuer, Jay"
A rescuer named Jay has come to join the team at the emergency center, Lani gets upset, when Jay tells that the elevator is out of order, much to Lani's anger.
111"Tayo's Bird Friend"
Tayo has many many friends but, a bird friend? A bird builds a next on top of Tayo's bus and Tayo has been frustrated since he can't do anything because of the bird. Whats is Tayo going to do?
112"Kinder's Visit to the Farm"
Duri and his kindergarten friends going to the farm with Kinder. As Kinder tried to help other friends, especially Duri, it doesn't go away the Kinder thinks. What is exactly Kinder doing at the farm?
113"The Secret Playground"
The little buses became very sad because the secret playground was destroyed by the heavy rain. As the little buses rebuilds the secret playground that was destroyed by the heavy rain, Citu plans Joey the magician to build a car amusement park which will replace the secret playground.
114"Surprise Gift for Duri"
As Duri's birthday approaches, Tayo volunteers help Duri's dad to pick Duri's birthday present. What it will be?
115"You Can Do It, Tony"
As Tony, who is an un-official rapper of the bus town, he wants to perform in front of other buses. But it looks like he struggles.
116"Heart's Secret"
As Heart doesn't like Rogi collects everything he sees on the street, she finds one thing that she likes. What it would be?
117"Joy's Magic Show"
Joy used to be very famous but it sounded like he's having a boring day. What's happening to Joy the Magician?
118"Thanks, Gani!"
As Gani always helps out other friends, sometimes he misses his chances to do something, such as taking a shower or going to see a movie!
119"The Little Buses go to America 1"
Little buses go to America! Tayo won from contest and the prize was trip to America! What adventure is waiting for them?
120"The Little Buses go to America 2"
As Tayo is trying to help Maily, things get more complicated than he thought! Will things turn out as Maily hoped for?
121"Rogi and the Lucky Genie"
Rogi thinks that things happening around him hasn't been unlucky. So he asks his friends how to be a lucky bus and other bus friends suggests that Genie is the lucky charm.
122"Lolly, The New City Tour Bus"
Lolly is the new city tour bus who is doing training with Cito. Lolly seems smart and a hard-working bus but other buses think she should take a break and look around too.
123"Booba's Vacation"

Booba visits the little buses at the garage to spend his vacation. As he wishes to spend his vacation as relaxed time, little buses insist to take him to amusement park.

Amusement park? Would Booba likes spend his vacation with little buses?
124"The Little Buses Go Camping"
Tayo and Rogi run into Windy and he says that he just got back from camping. Windy suggests that buses should go camping together and they did! But, you know Rogi and Tayo, they starts to argue over what to prepare for camping. Will their first camping go well?
126"Trammy gets Wheels"
127"Who is Lani's Best Friend?"
128"Stop it, Iracha!"
129"Tino, where are you from?"


Main characters[edit]

The series features seven main characters. Each of the four original characters (Tayo, Gani, Lani & Rogi) are based on the four actual colors and types of Seoul Buses.

  • Tayo (Bus 120, blue) is friendly, playful, and sometimes mischievous. He is the 3rd largest and 3rd oldest of the four buses. In the fourth-season episode, Who Is The Real Tayo?, it is revealed that he has a clone of his named Star Tayo, which was in one of his dreams. Tayo is 8 years old in season 1, 9 years old in season 2, 10 years old in season 3, 11 year old in season 4 and 12 years old in season 5.
  • Rogi (Bus 1000, green) he is cocky, outgoing, and also mischievous, but he is good-hearted. although the two often get into fights with each other. Funny and mischievous himself, Rogi also has an interest in detective work, as can be seen in episodes like Rogi the Detective! and Prank Call Madness. Both friends resemble a Hyundai Super Aero City. He is the 2nd largest and 2nd oldest of the four buses. Rogi is 10 years old in season 1, 11 in season 2, 12 years old in season 3, 13 years old in season 4 and 14 years old in season 5.
  • Lani (Bus 02, yellow) She is cute, cheerful, kind, sweet-natured however, she is timid, sensitive, and temperamental. Possessing little tolerance for arguments, she often acts as a mediator between Tayo and Rogi. She is the smallest and youngest of the four buses and is often considered the cute one of the group. Lani is 6 years old in season 1, 7 years old in season 2, 8 years old in season 3, 9 years old in season 4 and 10 years old in season 5.
  • Gani (Bus 1339, red), who is hardworking, warm-hearted, and shy. He is the largest and oldest of the four buses and often acts as the most mature one of the group. Gani is 12 years old in season 1, 13 years old in season 2, 14 years old in season 3, 15 years old in season 4 and 16 years old in season 5.
  • Peanut (Bus 03, white and turqouise) is an eco friendly city and tour bus who is good-natured and mellow. As he is shaped just like a peanut ion the top, he gains this name. Peanut is 9 years old in season 4, and is 10 years old in season 5 and is Lani’s age. He can cause mischief sometimes but is a very kind bus. He was introduced in Season 4 along with the city tram Trammy.
  • Trammy (Tram 270, purple) is a city tram that was introduced in Season 4 along with Peanut. Trammy is 8 years old in Season 4 and 9 years old in Season 5 and is the same age as peanut
  • Skii is the control centre and garage of Trammy, he is located on the mountain top near the reservoir and is accessible by the mountain tram and bus stop.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Hana is a kind mechanic, who takes care of the little buses and works in the bus depot repair shop.
  • Citu (whose original name was Cito), a red double-decker tour bus, serves as a father-figure for Tayo, Rogi, Lani, Gani, Peanut and Trammy. He often reprimands Tayo and Rogi for driving too rough in the garage. However, in the second-season episode, Cito's Secret, it is revealed that he had a boisterous past himself. An old mentor of his, Booba, appeared in this episode.
  • Heart is Hana's kind pink helper car. In the past, brown is her color in the third-season episode, The New Friend, Heart. Speed has a bit of a crush on her. She is based on a Fiat 500.

Frequent supporting characters[edit]

  • Nuri is a calm and professional female taxi who first met Tayo in the first-season episode, A Day in the Life of Tayo. She is very nice to Tayo and his friends, often visiting them at the bus depot. She is based on a Honda Accord.
  • Rookie is a police officer who sometimes goofs up with his job because he is new to it.
  • Pat is an experienced police car who is always serious when working. Rookie is Pat's police officer. He is based on a BMW M3.
  • Speed (whose original name was Speedy) is a red car who likes to go really fast, and is modelled on a Porsche Targa 4S. Speed has a bit of a crush on Heart, but she is oblivious of it.
  • Shine is an overproud and vain yellow car who likes to show off, repeatedly leading to his own embarrassment. Shine is modelled after the Mercedes SLK R171 coupe. Shine is Speed's best friend.[citation needed]

Recurring supporting characters[edit]

  • Toto is a yellow tow truck who is really responsible with his job.
  • Air is a red helicopter who is part of the rescue team.
  • Bongbong is a very chipper light blue baby minibus, modelled on the classic VW minibus. First appearance in Tayo and Bong Bong.
  • Oli is a very chipper light green baby car. First appearance in the second-season episode, Tayo and Bongbong and named for the first time in the fourth-season episode, Who is cooler?.
  • Carry is a vehicle transporter akin to a mother or baby-sitter for Bongbong, Oli, and two other baby vehicles.
  • Champ is a turquoise countryside Land Rover, who got praised and follows Cooku's intivation.
  • Cooku (whose name was originally Coco) is a white and blue countryside bus.
  • Toni is a little truck who obeys traffic laws and likes to teach other cars about traffic laws. In the first-season episode, I Want New Tires, he was so busy teaching other cars about traffic laws that he got late delivering Tayo's new tires to the garage.
  • Alice is an ambulance who works in a hospital who likes to work with Frank when there is a fire. She is responsible for taking ill people to the hospital right on time.
  • Frank is a fire truck who works with Alice when there is a fire. He is very serious about his job and is responsible for fighting fires and saving people in danger.
  • Big is a big container truck who delivers goods to the airport to be sent overseas.
  • Billy is a bulldozer who works at the construction site with Poco, Chris, and Max. He is good at juggling.
  • Poco is an excavator who works at the construction site with Billy, Chris, and Max. He can rotate himself and spin his chassis around and around.
  • Chris is a cement truck who works at the construction site with Billy, Poco, and Max. He mixes up cement for new foundations.
  • Max is a dump truck who works at the construction site with Billy, Poco, and Chris. He can dump a huge pile of sand for a job.
  • Met is a subway train who knows about everything - even in the first-season episode, Rogi's Hiccups, he showed this by helping Rogi to stop hiccupping. If anyone feels down, Met will know what to do.
  • Nana is a bus living on the countryside with Ractor, Cooku, and Champ. She idolises Tayo. She first appeared in the second-season episode, Nana Visits the City.
  • Wondie is an old blue-and-beige bus who was scrapped a year before the first season.
  • Ractor (whose name was originally Larry) is a red tractor who lives in the countryside with Cooku, Champ, and Nana.
  • Rubby is a cleaning truck who likes to clean up garbage. He first appears in the second-season episode, A New Playground!.
  • Iratcha is a pick-up truck. He's been making mistakes, now he knows that he is more careful, and runs on time, like Toni show him how.
  • Booba is an old bus. He used to keep scolding Citu for causing lots of trouble, when he was a young bus.
  • Ms. Teach is a car with a white-and-purple livery. She always teaches the other vehicles in school.
  • Kinder is a Kindergarten school bus.
  • Duri is a cheery boy who lives where Jerry used to live. He is one of Tayo's best friends.
  • Jay is a rescuer is now a member of the team of the emergency center.
  • Joy (whose name was originally Joey) is a magician.
  • Andy is an artist.
  • Lolly is a friendly tour bus, but unlike other little buses, she's the only little bus, who doesn't have a number, and lives in a different city.

Characters from Titipo Titipo[edit]

The series features four main characters.

  • Titipo is a little train who is best friends with Genie and Diesel, he may often make mistakes, but he still wants to become the best passenger train in the world. He is colored red and white with a light sky blue lining.
  • Teo is a kind mechanic who takes care of little trains and works in the train yard repair shop.
  • Mr. Herb is a boss of the railroad yard. In Episode 21, it is revealed that he made a lot of mistakes when he was younger.
  • Genie is a female passenger train who loves puppies, flowers, and all things pink.
  • Diesel is a green freight train, who is known for showing off and telling fictional stories and as a result, often gets into trouble with Mr. Herb.
  • Xingxing is a shy bullet train modeled on a KTX-Sancheon, who is known to be very fast.
  • Eric is a blue-colored, older Subway train who takes his job very seriously and as a result, has a hard time having fun with the other trains.
  • Loco is a friendly little yellow freight train resembling a VL80. He enjoys making new friends, and looks up to Diesel and wants to be as good as him someday. He is also scared of the dark.
  • Fix and Lift are two breakdown vehicles who love to sing and have a very hip personality, but are always ready in case of emergency. Fix is a rail-mounted crane locomotive, while Lift is a road-rail forklift.
  • Tony is a large freight train who met Titipo at the Train Production Plant and brought him back there from the harbor.
  • Craney is a red chatterbox crane who works at the harbor. He is known for lifting containers really fast.
  • Boom-Boom is a mischievous passenger train whom Titipo had to take over due to him derailing on a curve from overspeeding.
  • Manny and Berny are two twin freight trains who look very similar but have very different personalities. Manny is strong and tough, while Berny is shy and timid. They resemble to the diesel locomotives that work on the Canadian National Railway.
  • Setter is a bluish-green diesel shunter who is very organized with his job.
  • Steam is an old steam engine who Titipo saved from scrap. He is very old and loves to tell stories to the younger trains. He is based on an American 4-4-0.
  • Danny is a blue track inspection diesel who tries to calm Loco down during his night shift.


At a Vietnamese seminar for addressing the struggles of the Vietnamese animation industry, Korean animators named Tayo the Little Bus as a series that has been "dominating" the Korean market. These animators also noted that the series is popular in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.[5]

Cultural impact[edit]

Route 9401 bus that received Gani wrap

In 2014, the Seoul Metropolitan Government commissioned buses designed as the characters Tayo, Gani, Rogi, and Lani, to run around the Gwanghwamun Square area of the city. This was done as part of an initiative to teach children how to use the bus. The initiative was a massive success, drawing crowds of over 40,000 in a single day. People from all across the country came to see the buses. Although the buses were originally set to run from March 26 until Public Transport Day at the end of April, their popularity led to an extension until Children's Day on May 5. The number of buses was also expanded from the original four to 100. In wake of this success, it was reported that the local governments of other cities in South Korea were considering adopting the campaign.[6] Officials for the city of Seoul initially opposed this on copyright grounds,[7] but they consented in April to letting other cities use the characters for non-commercial purposes.[2]

Jaeyeon Woo of The Wall Street Journal's blog Korea Real Time, speculated in an April 2014 article that the success of this initiative led both of Gyeonggi Province's gubernatorial candidates, Kim Sang-gon and Nam Kyung-pil, to adopt public transportation issues as a key part of their campaign platforms. Seoul-mayor Park Won-soon, who began the initiative, has been criticized by some of his political rivals, who feel that he took credit for the series, even though the series was begun by his predecessor's administration.[2]

On October 16, 2014, a South Korean group called the Teen Astronauts, launched a space balloon designed as the character Tayo from the Space Science Park in Korea's National Science Museum.[8]


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