Teatro Popular Caracol

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Teatro Popular Caracol
Genre Anthology drama
Directed by Jaime Botero Gómez
Jaime Santos
Manuel de Sabatini
Alí Humar
Country of origin  Colombia
Original language(s) Spanish
Production company(s) Caracol TV
Original network Primera Cadena
Segunda Cadena
Picture format Black-and-white
Original release 1972 – 1978

Teatro Popular Caracol ("Popular Theatre Caracol") was a Colombian television anthology drama series, broadcast between 1972 and 1978 on the state-owned channels Primera Cadena and Segunda Cadena.[1] It was produced by Caracol TV.

The programme was intended to "popularize the works of great writers of the universal literature, including Colombian writers, played by the most important figures at the time"[1] in Colombian television. It received a Premio Ondas in 1975.[2]


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