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Tech Field Day
Genre Information technology
Frequency 7 per year
Location(s) Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Denver
Years active 7
Founded November 12, 2009 (2009-11-12)
Founders Stephen Foskett
Organized by Gestalt IT Media, LLC

Tech Field Day is an independently organized conference series centered on enterprise IT infrastructure.[1] Organized by Gestalt IT Media LLC, the Field Day series is intended to bring together product vendors and independent bloggers,[2] freelance writers, speakers, and leaders of online communities.[3] The Field Day event series began in 2009 with a general datacenter event and expanded in 2010 to include an event focused on enterprise networking.[4]

Notable Introductions[edit]

Every Field Day event includes presentations by hardware and software vendors, but some notable introductions have also occurred at these events:


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