Technoavia SM92 Finist

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SM92 Finist
Turbo-Finist SMG used for skydiving
Role Light utility transport
National origin Russia
Manufacturer Technoavia
First flight 28 December 1993[1]
Status Production
Number built about 30[2]

The Technoavia SM92 Finist is a utility aircraft with a STOL capability, designed by the Russian company Technoavia. The maiden flight was on 28 December 1993. It is built by the Smolensk Aviation Plant.


Basic SM-92 with 270 kW (360 hp) Vedeneyev M14P radial engine.
SMG-92 Turbo Finist based at the skydiving centre at Hibaldstow, Lincolnshire, England
SM92 Finist
Basic version, powered by 270 kW (360 hp) Vedeneyev M14P radial engine.[3]
SM92P Finist
Armed version for Border guard duties. Two fixed forward firing PK machine guns and one inside cabin firing through open cabin doors and two rocket launchers.[3]
SM-92T Turbo Finist
Version powered by Walter M601 turboprop engine.[4]
SMG-92 Turbine Finist
Walter M601 powered version built in Slovakia by Aerotech Slovakia for use in skydiving.[5]
Zlin Z400
Version powered by Orenda OE600 V-8 engine, planned to be built by Moravan Otrokovice in the Czech Republic. One built.[6]



Specifications (SM92)[edit]

Data from Brassey's World Aircraft & Systems Directory 1999/2000[3]

General characteristics



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