Technological University, Sittwe

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Technological University (Sittwe)
နည်းပညာတက္ကသိုလ် (စစ်တွေ)
Former names
Government Technological College
Acting PrincipalDr Kyaw Hlaing Oo
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The Technological University(Sittwe) (Burmese: နည္းပညာတကၠသုိလ္(စစ္ေတြ)) is located in Rachanbyin Village, Sittwe Township, Sittwe District, Rakhine State, Myanmar. It formerly operated as a Government Technical College (GTC). It moved to Rachanbyin Village and expanded to University level on 20 January 2007.


  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Electrical Power Engineering Department
  • Electronic and Communication Engineering Department
  • Engineering Physics Department
  • Engineering Chemistry Department
  • Engineering Mathematics Department
  • English Department
  • Department of Myanmar


Graduate Program Degree year
Bachelor of Civil Engineering B.E. (Civil) 6yrs
Bachelor of Electronic and Communication Engineering B.E. (EC) 6yrs
Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering B.E. (EP) 6yrs
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering B.E. (MP) 6yrs

Coordinates: 20°8′40″N 92°53′49″E / 20.14444°N 92.89694°E / 20.14444; 92.89694