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Ted M. Jackson (born 1956, McComb, Mississippi) is senior staff photographer for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Louisiana. He contributes to the newspaper’s extensive gallery of photographs of events in the Greater New Orleans Area.[1]

Achievements prior to 2005[edit]

Jackson finished high school at McComb's Parklane Academy in 1974 and proceeded in his education to Southwest Mississippi Community College and University of Southern Mississippi. After graduation he worked for 2 years with the Daily Iberian in New Iberia, Louisiana, and then went to work for the Times-Picayune.[2]

Having worked for the Times-Picayune since 1984, Jackson was already well established as a photojournalist prior to 2005. Among other accolades, Jackson received the 2003 Community Photojournalism award from the American Society of News Editors (ASNE).[3] After a stint as photojournalistic correspondent during the 1990s U.S. intervention into Haiti, Jackson in 1997 shared a Sigma Delta Chi Award and a Pulitzer Prize for his photographic work on Oceans of Trouble, a documentary about threats to the world's fisheries.[4]

Hurricane Katrina[edit]

But in 2005 Jackson became particularly known for his industriousness and innovation in obtaining unique and superb photographs during and after Hurricane Katrina,[5] a natural disaster which has caused Jackson, by virtue of his experience, to be frequently sought not only for his photographs but also for his advice on photography of natural disasters.[6] Many of his photographs appeared in the 2006 Times-Picayune book Katrina: The Ruin and Recovery of New Orleans.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Jackson's photographic work during and after Katrina and his knowledge of the affected areas were critical to relief workers, including those who came to work with his own (Mandeville, Louisiana) Tammany Oaks Church of Christ with which he served as an elder.[8] Jackson is married to Nancy Tatum Jackson, and they have two grown sons—Christopher Michael Jackson and Jeremiah Lee Jackson. Ted and Nancy Jackson live in Covington, Louisiana.[9]


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