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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends
Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles Legends.jpg
SeriesList of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games
Platform(s)iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire
  • WW: May 26, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends is a role-playing video game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, primarily on the 2012 series, developed and published by Ludia. It was released for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire in June, 2016. It follows a free-to-play business model.


In Legends, players take control of a group of mutants populated by characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise (primarily the characters from the 2012 series, but other iterations of certain characters also appear) to combat and defeat other similar groups encountered in the game. Rewards are given for every victory and are either selected at random based on the stage played or by a prize wheel that will spin until a tap from the player stops it. Certain rewards will allow players to summon and collect other characters (both heroes and villains) for use in battle.

Story Mode[edit]

The game's story mode features an original story set within the universe of the 2012 series, comprising seven chapters, each with its own set of stages and level of difficulty. The game's over-arcing plot involves Leonardo attempting to find and reunite with his brothers following an accidental separation. Along the way, Leo meets and teams up with a large number of characters from the franchise, including villains. Each stage rates the player upon completion (three stars, in this case ninja stars, are awarded if the player wins the stage with all party characters alive, while two are awarded if one character was killed and one star given in all other cases) and offers random items as a reward, usually items to level up characters, mutagen, warp passes and occasionally greenbacks.

Tournament Mode[edit]

Tournament Mode allows players to face other players' teams in battle (though not in real time; the opponent's characters are chosen at random and controlled by the computer). Each Tournament lasts for a week and is given a theme based around a specific character (e.g. "Mutagen Man Tournament" or "Dogpound Tournament"). A victory results in the player gaining anywhere from 25 to 35 points, while a loss means the player forfeits 7 to 10 points. There are several tiers with 100 spots each. The more matches that are won in the tournament, the higher the player's score and thus the higher the player ranks. Doing better than the score at first place on one tier bumps the player up to the next tier, though over time the points accumulated by other players could send a player back down to the previous tier. At the end of every tournament, the player will receive random rewards (though pizza points, greenbacks and DNA cards are usually included) based on their final rank and number of points. Prizes after each individual victory are determined by spinning a prize wheel.

Pizza Points[edit]

Almost every play mode in Legends (except for special event stages) requires a certain number of pizza points to play. The player's default number of pizza points increases based on the player's overall level. Higher levels allow more pizza points upon starting out. Pizza points are displayed in the top left corner of the screen and are represented by a slice of pepperoni pizza. Easier stages require fewer pizza points (usually six or eight), while harder stages require the player to spend larger amounts (anywhere from twelve to sixteen points). The player can replenish their pizza points either by visiting the pizza shop or by waiting and allowing the pizza points to slowly refill on their own. Pizza points can also be obtained from some of the game's prize wheels.


Greenbacks (which look like dollar bills) are the game's main form of currency, and are given to the player as rewards after completing some stages or achieving certain in-game goals. Greenbacks can be spent in the game's shop to collect mutagen, items or DNA cards. Greenbacks can also be used in the pizza shop to get more pizza points. Real-world money can be used to purchase a greater number of greenbacks.

DNA Cards[edit]

DNA cards, which resemble trading cards, are used to summon and strengthen characters. Collecting a particular number of cards will allow a player to summon a character (who is then available for immediate use), while additional cards can be collected to increase the character's power after a set number have been obtained. DNA Cards are rewarded upon completing hard stages as well as from prize wheels, meeting certain goals, the shop and from in-app purchases using real money.


T-coins are another form of in-game currency. They are more difficult to obtain than greenbacks (though, like greenbacks, they can be purchased with real money), but also offer more substantial gain as they can be used to purchase rare items, higher-level card packs and DNA cards. T-coins are occasionally distributed upon achieving certain goals, and can also be obtained in small amounts by completing daily challenges.


Canisters of mutagen can be used to quickly add experience points to a character to rapidly raise their levels and make them stronger. Mutagen is also used to increase the power of the character's various abilities once the right items have been collected. Mutagen is widely distributed in the game, though not always in large amounts, including from the shop, the completion of a stage, prize wheels and card packs.

Card packs[edit]

The game will periodically award the player packs of cards. The packs of cards typically include small amounts of mutagen, pizza points, T-coins and Characters cards but on rare occasions more). Free card packs are distributed at set times throughout each day (with a timer indicating when the next free pack will be available), while other card packs can be purchased in the shop. Certain specially-marked action figures from Playmates Toys include codes that, when entered in the game's shop, will award the player with a card pack of random items.

Warp passes[edit]

Warp passes allow players who have already completed a stage to collect that stage's random rewards without having to play through it again. Players can thus use warp passes to grind levels and farm for items without having to go through each stage again. Warp passes can be purchased in the game's shop and are also occasionally given out as rewards.

Prize wheels[edit]

Certain stages (such as the player vs. player arena) will not drop random items but will instead present a wheel of prizes upon the successful completion of the stage. The player taps the screen to start the wheel, then taps again to stop it. Whatever item is highlighted when the wheel comes to a complete stop is the item the player receives. Prizes typically include items for raising character attributes, greenbacks, T-coins, DNA cards and pizza points.

Shop Challenges[edit]

Fan reaction to prize wheels led to an update [1] that began phasing out the prize wheels in favor of shop challenges, which would give players a set selection of prizes to choose from following a victory. Each prize would cost a certain number of tokens based on type (DNA cards, for example, require more tokens than attribute-raising items), and would periodically rotate out to make way for new prizes. Like prize wheels, prizes typically include items for raising character attributes, greenbacks, T-coins, DNA cards and pizza points.


Legends is a free to play game, and thus there is no charge for downloading the game or creating an account. While the game does charge real money for certain features (such as instantly upgrading a character or acquiring extra in-game currency), spending money is not essential to playing the game. The game does, however, offer a subscription that allows members to gain more items from daily challenges, prize wheels and free card packs, requiring the player to spend a set amount of money each month. On occasion, free trials (usually one week) of the subscription service are offered.


Class Types[edit]

Characters are divided into five classes. Each class emphasizes certain attributes that contribute to individual characters' overall power and abilities.

Class Name Strong Against Weak Against
Spirit (Blue) Swift Tech
Might (Red) Tech Cunning
Swift (Orange) Cunning Spirit
Tech (Purple) Spirit Might
Cunning (Gray) Might Swift

List of characters[edit]

Character Class Trait Abilities Notes
Leonardo Spirit Heavy Hitter Hit 'em hard, Ki Focus (Heal), Sharp And Dangerous, Fearless Leader, Blade Dance Players begin the game with this character
Donatello Tech Support Bo-Dacious, Spatial Geometry, Shield Synthesizer, Resist-O-Meter, Baseball Bomb
Raphael Might Tank Sai Cyclone, Raph's Rage, Do Your Worst (Taunt), Still Standing, No More Mr. Nice Turtle DNA Cards available daily via daily challenges
Michelangelo Swift Healer Hot Nunchuck Fury, Hot Sauce On My Pizza (Heal), Like A Turtle Do, In The Zone, Booyakasha! Also possesses healing ability
April O'Neil Spirit Healer Kunoichi Strike, Phone-A-Friend (Heal), Tessen Throw, Psychic Bond, Mind Over Matter
Karai Cunning Heavy Hitter Tanto Thrust, Iron Rain, Ninja Dust, Shadow Cover, Point Made Usually the second character obtained by players
Shinigami Cunning Inflictor Whipped Into Shape, Cat's Cradle, There Can Oni Be One, The Cat's Meow, Don't Bat An Eye
Splinter Cunning Support Measure Strike, Higher Plane, Pressure Points, Sensei Says, Iajutsu Strike DNA cards only available through special events
Usagi Yojimbo Spirit Heavy Hitter Sword Of Sakai, Bushido Bunny, By Bishamon's Grace, For Honor, Wrath Of The Ronin Character created by Stan Sakai; 2012 series design
Kirby Bat Swift Healer Bat Attack, Dinner Time! (Heal), Sonic Screech, Dive Bomb, Clean Slate
Shredder Cunning Heavy Hitter Meet Your End, Vengeance Is Mine (Heal), Destroy Them!, Kuro Kabuto, Final Technique DNA cards available only through special events and by completing specific achievements
Tiger Claw Tech Inflictor Savage Claws, Showdown, Tiger's Wrath, Eye Of The Tiger, Freeze Ray
Alopex Swift Heavy Hitter Vengeful Strike, Fists Of Fury, Unhappy Feet, On A Mission, Logging Out
Dogpound Might Tank Mighty Punch, Beware of Dog (Taunt), Off The Leash, Top Dog, Shoulder Tackle
Rahzar Swift Tank Hack n' Slash, Claws Off!, Wolf Pack (Taunt), The Alpha, Death From Above
Newtralizer Tech Heavy Hitter Wrist Cannon, Saw Blade Shuffle, Newt Technology, Rocket Blast, Teleport Tail Thrash Can usually be obtained early on in the game
Chris Bradford Cunning Support Karate Chop!, Showboating, Signature Kick, Sweep the Leg, Endorse This!
Spider Bytez Might Inflictor Spinning Spider, Ptooie!, Bytez Back, Spider Fang, Sticky Snare
Justin Spirit Inflictor Tentacle Thingies, Octo-Phlegm, Primordial Ooze, Lightning Eyes, Bad Breath
Fishface Cunning Inflictor Flipper Frenzy, Flippers of Fury, Slippery Fish, Helicopter Kick, Venom Bite
Rat King Cunning Inflictor Back Hand, Pied Piper, Superior Intellect, Underdweller, Rat Monsoon Can temporarily prevent foes from using secondary abilities
Mondo Gecko Swift Support Skate Or Die, Savage Bliss, Paint The Town, Roller Crew, Tongue Twister
Snakeweed Spirit Inflictor Weed Whacked, Pod Attack, Thornpedoes, Complex Biology, Spore Storm
Hun Might Heavy Hitter Hundred Foot Kick, Combo Punch, Hypnotic Hands, Sudden Movements, Bicycle Kick Can automatically increase own focus meter speed
Xever Swift Inflictor Xever Kick, Float Like a Butterfly, Capoeira Fu, Clever Like Xever, Street Style
Baxter Stockman Tech Area Damage Hand of Doom, Swarm of Doom, Wave of Doom, Power of Doom, Rain of Doom
Stockman Fly Cunning Healer Buzzkill, Miracle Cure (Heal), Bile Blast, Buzz Off!, Mad Science
Muckman Spirit Heavy Hitter Sewer Stomp, Putrid Puke, Listen to Joe, Vicious Volley, Junknado
Pulverizer Spirit Tank Flailing Upward, Cannon Fodder (Taunt), Amazing Combo, Power Pose, On It!
Steranko Cunning Area Damage Knuckledusted, Ivan's Little Friend, From Russia With Love, Comrade's Conviction, Bazookyou
The Creep Spirit Tank Ensnared, Creeping Death, Thorn Asunder, Deep Roots, Life Sap
Zeck Tech Inflictor Dance N' Kick, Wow To The Wow, Snap Dizzle, Fully Charged, Laser Mohawk
Mutagen Man Might Inflictor Unfriended, Bad Hug, Temper Tantrum, Chemical Composition, Sweaty Palms Featured opponent in special events that award the player extra mutagen
Pizza Face Cunning Area Damage Spicy Pepperoni, Extra Cheese, Pizzombie, Pizza Party, Danger Calzone Featured opponent in special events that award the player extra pizza points
Karai-Serpent Swift Inflictor Tail Whip, Venom Spit, Serpentine Speed, Hypnotic Stare, Cold Hands
Bebop Swift Heavy Hitter Hog of War, Smooth Criminal, Shifting Gears, Now You See Me, Sticky Bomb
Rocksteady Might Heavy Hitter Worker And Peasant, Rocking Out, Heat Wave, Thick Skinned, Rhino In A China Shop
Metalhead Tech Tank Rocket Punch, Technically Speaking, Missile Command, Antivirus, Crank the Heat
Casey Jones Tech Inflictor High-Sticking, Goongala!, Graffiti Grenade, Playing Defense, Slap Shot
Ice Cream Kitty Swift
Leonardo (Original) Cunning Original black-and-white Mirage character design
Raphael (Original) Spirit Heavy Hitter Picking A Fight, Meta Moves, Words Hurt, Re-Issue, Gutter Kick Original black-and-white Mirage character design
Donatello (Original) Swift Original black-and-white Mirage character design
Michelangelo (Original) Might Support Pull A Fast One, Deus Ex Machina, Advancing The Story, Plot Device, Out Of Frame Original black-and-white Mirage character design
Leonardo (Classic) Spirit Heavy Hitter Turtle of Action, Head Over Shell, Turtle Power, Against the Odds, Foot To The Face 1987 series character design
Raphael (Classic) Might Healer Two Toes To The Nose, Gimme A Break, Cover Up, Anger Management, Stay Hydrated 1987 series character design
Donatello (Classic) Tech Area Damage Pole Vault, Spin Cycle, Portal Gun, Tech Support, Does Machines 1987 series character design
Michelangelo (Classic) Swift 1987 series character design
Bebop (Classic) Might Support The Mighty Hog, Backfired, This Gonna Be Good, Bombdigity, Wrong Direction 1987 series character design
Rocksteady (Classic) Tech Heavy Hitter Horn In Your Side, More Firepower, Hot Potato, Big Time, Nose Dive 1987 series character design
Shredder (Classic) Cunning Heavy Hitter Blades of Fury, Maniacal Laugh, Knucklehead Knockout, Sharp Mind, Sword This Out 1987 series character design
Krang (Classic) Tech Heavy Hitter Need A Hand?, Puke Nuke, Brain Waves, Android Body, Enter The Technozone 1987 series character design
Leonardo (LARP) Might
Raphael (LARP) Swift
Donatello (LARP) Cunning
Michelangelo (LARP) Tech
Leonardo (Vision Quest) Swift
Raphael (Vision Quest) Tech
Donatello (Vision Quest) Might
Michelangelo (Vision Quest) Spirit
Leonardo (Movie) Spirit Heavy Hitter Alpha Bravo, Slice N' Dice, Strategist, Full Shell, Shadow Strike Out Of The Shadows character design
Raphael (Movie) Might Heavy Hitter Hard Knock Life, Wanna Piece of Me?, Lean, Mean and Green, Come At Me!, Junkyard Jenga Out Of The Shadows character design
Donatello (Movie) Tech Support Long Reach, Shocking News, Knowledge is Power, Know Your Foes, Drone Control Out Of The Shadows character design
Michelangelo (Movie) Swift Healer Friends In Need, Slam Dunk, Pizza Delivery, Three Pointer, Can't Stop Me Out Of The Shadows character design
Bebop (Movie) Spirit Heavy Hitter Air Drop, It's Be-Bop!, Spaghetti Belly, Make A Stink, Elbow Drop Out Of The Shadows character design
Rocksteady (Movie) Might Tank Rhino Charge, Shoulder Check, Inner Animal, Don't Overthink It, Welcome To The Club Out Of The Shadows character design
Casey Jones (Movie) Cunning Inflictor Howitzer, Cross Check, The Michigan, Odd-Man Rush, Twofer Out Of The Shadows character design
Dr. Rockwell Tech Support Gone Bananas, Mental Ape-x, Psychic Bubble, Above Average, Telekinesis DNA cards only available through special events
Slash Cunning DNA cards only available through special events
Leatherhead Might Tank Tail Swipe, Channeled Rage, Death Roll, Balancing The Scales, Kraang-Provise DNA cards only available through special events
Pigeon Pete Spirit Healer Flap Around, On A Roll, Pecking Order, Birds Of A Feather, Feathered Fury DNA cards only available through special events
Bebop (Bunny) Cunning Healer Cotton Tail, Hare Trigger, Sugar Rush, Pink Bunny Suit, Getting Carrot Away 1987 series character design, but with bunny outfit
Rocksteady (Bunny) Spirit Heavy Hitter Bulldozer Bunny, Super Soaked, Bunny Hop, Un-Fur-Gettable, The Yolk's On You 1987 series character design, but with bunny outfit
B.U.N.N.I.E.S. Tech Five M.O.U.S.E.R. robots with Easter bunny motif
April Kunoichi Spirit Heavy Hitter Up Close And Personal, Talk To The Hand, Fan Out, Dragon Spirited, Psychic Overload
Super Shredder Might Heavy Hitter Channeled Rage, Bone Kunai, Heartthrob, Mutagen Formula, Shredding Wave
Armaggon Cunning Heavy Hitter Shark Bait, Gonna Need A Bigger Boat, Dun-Dun Dun-Dun, Great White Nope, Hello Chum
Leonardo (Space) Spirit Support An Elegant Weapon, By The Rings Of Nebulon, A Bold And Daring Plan, Evasive Action, Great Galaxies! 2012 series design with space suit
Raphael (Space) Might Heavy Hitter Sai What You Mean, Sick'em Chompy!, By The Power Of Crognard, Final Front-tears, No Match For A Good Blaster 2012 series design with space suit
Donatello (Space) Tech Support Bo Caster, Scanning Life Forms, Super Robo Mecha Force Five, Speed Of Light, Meteor Doom 2012 series design with space suit
Michelangelo (Space) Swift Inflictor In Your Space!, Jovoxian Justice, 2 Ruff Krew, Raise Shields, Laser Chucks 2012 series design with space suit


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