Tektronix extended HEX

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Tektronix extended HEX
Filename extension .tek

Tektronix extended HEX is a file format, created by Tektronix, for conveying binary information for applications like programming microcontrollers, EPROMs, and other kinds of chips.

Each line of Tektronix extended HEX file starts with a percent (%) character. A line consists of five parts:

  1. Record Length — 2 character (1 byte) field that specifies the number of characters (not bytes) in the record, excluding the percent, the length field, the type field and the checksum.
  2. Type — 1 character field, specifies whether the record is data (6) or termination (8). (6 record contains data, placed at the address specified. 8 termination record: The address field may optionally contain the address of the instruction to which control is passed ; there is no data field.)
  3. Checksum — 2 hex digits (1 byte, represents the sum of all the nibbles on the line,excluding the checksum itself.
  4. Address — 9 character field. The first character is the address size and is always 8. The remaining 8 characters are the 4-byte address that specifies where the data is to be loaded into memory.
  5. Data — contains the executable code, memory-loadable data or descriptive information to be transferred.

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