Tel Aviv HaHagana Railway Station

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Tel Aviv HaHagana
תחנת תל אביב ההגנה
Israel Railways
Location 32 HaHagana Way, Tel Aviv
Coordinates 32°03′15″N 34°47′05″E / 32.05417°N 34.78472°E / 32.05417; 34.78472Coordinates: 32°03′15″N 34°47′05″E / 32.05417°N 34.78472°E / 32.05417; 34.78472
Platforms 3
Tracks 5
Disabled access Yes
Opened June 22, 2002

Tel Aviv HaHagana Railway Station is an Israel Railways station in Tel Aviv. It is Tel Aviv's southernmost railway station, located some 400 meters to the east of Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. It is located between the lanes of the Ayalon Highway, just north of where Highway 1 splits from it. The station building fronts a road bridge above Ayalon Highway, connecting Lewinsky Street with HaHagana Road, thence the station's name. The station serves most Israel Railways lines, and its proximity to the central bus station makes it an important interchange hub. In September 2008 Tel Aviv HaHagana was the third busiest railway station in Israel with 117,805 boarding and 185,064 alighting passengers, after Tel Aviv Savidor Central and Tel Aviv HaShalom.[1] As of the fall 2012 train schedule it is the busiest station in Israel in terms of passenger train movements, handling 26 separate trains per hour stopping at the station during peak times.

The station was originally built with a single platform (tracks 1-2) designed as an island platform. The station building was constructed above the platform, but only half of its original design was built. Later another island platform (3-4) was added to the east of it, and the size of the station building was doubled, making it symmetrical. Finally, another side platform (5) was built, which together with platform 4, serve the new line to Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan and Yavne West and Ashdod.


Dan Bus Company lines 15, 16 and 41 stop at the station's entrance and on the other side of the HaHagana road bridge. A pedestrian pass under the bridge connects the station with the latter stop. These lines mostly serve southern Tel Aviv, with line 16 offering a frequent and fast service to Allenby Street and the beach promenades. A number of lines stop at HeHarash Street, stretching immediately to the west of the station, parallel to Ayalon Highway. These include Dan lines 30, 31 and 32, Egged line 86 to Bat Yam, Egged line 274 to Rishon LeZion and a few other lines with part-time service run by Egged and Superbus. The access to the Central Bus Station is via Lewinsky Street.


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