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Telescope goldfish
Tricolor Dragoneye.jpg
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An orange dragoneye goldfish

The telescope eye (Japanese: 出目金, translit. Demekin) is a fancy goldfish characterised by its protruding eyes. [1][2][3]


Ranchu with telescope eyes, 1910.

Except for its enlarged projecting eyes, the demekin is similar to the ryukin. It has a deep body and long flowing fins. Demekins are available in red, red-and-white, calico, black-and-white, chocolate, blue, lavender, chocolate-and-blue and black coloration. They may either have metallic or nacreous scales. Telescope eyes can grow quite large.[1][2]


There are also red, orange and yellow telescopes.

Special care[edit]

Due to the poor vision of the Black Moor, it should not be mixed with more active goldfish varieties and should not be housed in an aquarium with sharp or pointed objects.[2]


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