Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!

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Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!
Tell Em Steve-Dave.jpg
Hosted by Walt Flanagan
Bryan Johnson
Brian Quinn
Genre Comedy
Language English
Updates Fridays
Production Bryan Johnson, Declan Quinn
Audio format MP3
No. of episodes 336
Original release November 2010 – present
Website Tell'Em Steve Dave!
Tell 'Em Steve Dave Bonus Podcasts

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! is a podcast on the SModcast Podcast Network. It is hosted by View Askew Productions regulars and close friends of Kevin Smith; Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, as well as Brian Quinn. They are also joined regularly by Ming Chen, who works on the many View Askew websites.[1] On occasion, the group has also been joined by Sunday Jeff, who works the Sunday shift at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Jeff was also a host on the podcast Puck Nuts. Johnson played Steve-Dave and Flanagan played Fanboy who yelled "Tell 'em, Steve-Dave!" in Mallrats and Clerks: The Animated Series.

The podcast is recorded at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey, and edited by Declan Quinn of Creaky Studios. Music by J-Sarge.


The podcast was originally started by Johnson and Flanagan, with Quinn working the audio. The podcast discusses its own history in numerous episodes available at the SModCo website.

The show influenced the creation of the 2012 AMC TV reality show Comic Book Men. The show is set in the Stash and the cast includes Walt, Bryan, Ming, Mike, and Kevin. A producer on Smith's film Red State knew someone at AMC and talked to Smith abdout doing a TV show. Smith had the idea of a comic store version of Pawn Stars. The network liked it and the search for a suitable store began. An AMC producer heard the TESD podcast, and this eventually led to the show being set in the Secret Stash store itself.[2] Johnson can be seen wearing a TESD shirt during many episodes of the show. His arm tattoo also features a zombified picture of his niece wearing a TESD shirt.[3]

Additional & occasional episodes[edit]

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Overkill[edit]

Sixteen episodes were made exclusively for Zune in 2011. A seventeenth episode was recorded but never released. As of January 2013, all Overkill episodes including an intro/retrospective and the seventeenth unreleased episode are available for purchase from their bandcamp.[4]

As of the Summer of 2016, the podcast features a monthly Overkill themed episode, delving into the realm of the supernatural and the unknown.

The Secret Stash Pod[edit]

It is a companion podcast to Comic Book Men TV series. Episodes available via SMODCAST

Puck Nuts[edit]

An all sports themed podcast featuring: Walt, Ming, Bry, and Sunday Jeff. They primarily discussed the Devil's and the NHL. Episodes were recorded between September 2010 and May 2012. Episodes available via Puck Nuts RSS feed, Blog

Space Monkeys[edit]

Brian Quinn and Bryan Johnson created the sub-podcast Space Monkeys as a companion to Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! to talk about the hot button issues that Walter Flanagan would rather not touch on. They completed a sold out tour of three English cities in 2011 as well as a show in Los Angeles in January 2012 with special guest Iain Morris and famous Aidsquito sufferer Sal Vulcano of the Tenderloins.[5] In 2016 2 live episodes were recorded during Impractical Jokers Cruise that later were posted as regular episodes #278 and #279.

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! X-Mas[edit]

Starting in 2011, an additional episode was released featuring Ming and Sunday Jeff on Black Friday discussing various childhood Christmas stories as well as playing Christmastime games. Now a yearly tradition, episodes are released on Black Friday and can be purchased on their Bandcamp.[6][7][8][9][10]

The Blue Juice Comics 1-True-3 Invitational Parts 1 and 2[edit]

On October 23rd and October 31st, 2015, Tell 'Em Steve-Dave released episodes #264 and #265, which together became the first Blue Juice Comics 1-True-3 Invitational. 1-True-3 was a regular game on the podcast. It consists of a person telling 3 outrageous stories to the rest of the cast, who through a series of questions, have to determine which of the 3 stories is true. The Blue Juice Comics 1-True-3 Invitational was the first time that 10 TESD regulars were sponsored by businesses and pitted against each other in a winner take all 1-True-3 competition. The contestants were Ming Chen, Chris Laudando, Brian Maxwell, Git 'Em Steve Dave, Brian Quinn, Sunday Jeff, Mike Zapcic, Bryan Johnson (comic book writer), Frank #5, and Walt Flanagan. In the finals, Ming Chen beat out Mike Zapcic to become the first Blue Juice Comics 1-True-3 Invitational champion and received a trophy, prize money, and all the merchandise provided by all the sponsors.

Episode 289[edit]

Episode available via bandcamp page that was recorded to support the family of recently deceased Marc Costello, who worked at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. 100% of the proceeds are donated to Marc's family.

Why, Bry?![edit]

Spin-off podcast featuring just Kevin Smith and Bryan Johnson originated on SMODCAST #240 and resulted in several live shows and also web series posted on Seesmod youtube channel.

Bandcamp Bonus Podcasts[edit]

Bonus podcasts can be purchased on their bandcamp page.

  • Brylands: A Peephole History
  • The Worst Episode Ever
  • Puck Nuts Bonus Podcast
  • Space Monkeys
  • Thank you Podcast for Hollywood Improv Ticket Buyers
  • Benefit Podcast for Brendan Marrocco
  • Adam & Eve Bonus Pod

Live Tell 'Em Steve-Dave![edit]

Live Nude SMod 3 The Southworst Tour[11][edit]

Also with SModcast

Kickstarter projects[edit]

By Tell Em Steve Dave![edit]

  • Vinyl-Cast - successfully funded on January 7, 2012 where 2,040 backers has raised $61,218 ($6,500 goal)
  • Clay Animation Movie - successfully funded on March 5, 2014 where 2,734 backers has raised $98,270 ($25,000 goal)

Supported by Tell Em Steve Dave![edit]

  • DVD Puppet Theatre - successfully funded on November 1, 2012 where 1,729 backers has raised $46,578 ($15,000 goal)

Live Podcast Film[edit]

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave: Live at the Gramercy Theatre[edit]

TESD performed two live episodes back-to-back at the Gramercy Theatre on July of 2016. They were filmed and released together on Monday, June 12th, 2017 by Tell 'Em Steve-Dave as their first ever live podcast film. The episodes featured Walt, Bryan and Q as normal - as well as Sunday Jeff, Git 'Em Steve-Dave, Ming Chen and Sal Vulcano. This film was shot and directed by Chuck Staton and is approximately 2 hours in length. It was released via the Tell 'Em Steve-Dave website and demand was so high that it crashed the site. The digital download also includes a 30 minute behind the scenes of TESD Podcast Episode 300: Git 'Em to the Chapel, where two female contestants competed to be wed to Git 'Em Steve-Dave in a ceremony officiated by Sal Vulcano. [12]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • In 2010 Tell 'Em Steve Dave! won two Podcast Awards, one for People's Choice and the other as Best Comedy.[13]
  • The show was also named a best of 2010 audio podcast by iTunes.[14]
  • Winner of the 2012 Stitcher Award for Best Entertainment & Pop Culture.[15]
  • Winner of the 2016 2nd Annual Kevin Allison Excellence in Podcasting Award [16]


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